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Sonic X My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A New Friend

A/N: Back with a vengeance! And a new chapter!


Chapter 2

A New Friend Part 2

The Mane Six and Spike raced their way down the dirt road that snaked through the Everfree Forest. After witnessing the beam of light that had crashed earlier, they were more than curious to find out what it was. The same could not be said for Spike who was being bounced up and down by the speedy galloping of Twilight Sparkle as he rode on her back.

"Twi-i-i-i-l-i-ght! Can you pl-e-e-e-ase sl-o-o-o-w d-o-o-o-wn?" Spike rapidly pleaded as his body rocked by Twilight's running.

"No time, Spike!" Twilight addressed ignoring his plea. "We have to find out what just happened!

The ponies moved as fast as they could through the forest, none of them slowing down a single pace. Even Fluttershy, despite her lack of speed, was able to keep up with the others. They always were determined on finding out something that could possibly pose as a threat.

"Ugh…it'll take forever before we get there. Rainbow Dash, you're the fastest out of us so you'll be able to cover more ground. I need you to go ahead to crash site and we'll catch up." Twilight announced to the Pegasus beside her.

"I'm on it!" Rainbow Dash saluted and flew ahead of the others at breakneck speed, leaving behind her signature trail of rainbows.

Rainbow soared deeper into the forest ahead of the others. As she flew, she turned at witnessed her friends fading away in the shadows of the trees. This brought her back to the moment in the fields. Apparently she was still affected by the thought of her life being all downhill from here.

Great I just left my friends behind. Wonderful…

Rainbow had never realized it before, but none of her friends were able to keep up with her. At that point she couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness. Giving off a light sigh. She shrugged it off and continued onward. She was just as curious as her friend of what had crashed in the middle of a forest; it didn't make a hint of sense.

Before she could think of any kind of reasoning behind it, she noticed the smoke she and the others had seen before running to the forest coming into view in front of the trees. She flapped her wings backwards in order to halt herself. Her eyes widened when discovered a large crater embedded into the earth. She looked at the rising smoke that was in the center of the crater and squinted her eyes; it looked like there was something in it.

"What in the…?" The Pegasus questioned as she floated towards the crater.

"Rainbow Dash!" Rainbow paused as Twilight's voice could be heard. It seemed like her and the others were not too far her location. "What do you see?" Twilight shouted from the distance.

"Guys… you may wanna come check this out." Rainbow Dash stated, still trying figure out what laid in the crater

As the rest of her friends approached the crash site, each of them skidded their hooves against the dirt to stop themselves, with the exception of Spike who laid on Twilight's back, looking as if he was about throw up, and Pinkie Pie who tripped on her front as she braked. The smoke in the crater cleared slightly and eventually faded from sight. The eyes of everyone widened as they witnessed what appeared to be a mysterious blue creature in a huddled position. Twilight squinted her eyes at the creature and noticed how it started to move, placing its hands against the ground to lift itself, but was too weak to do so.

"Its alive!" Twilight shouted in surprise of the creature's movements. 'We have to help it!" Twilight then jumped in the crater, skidding her hooves in order to steady her entry with Spike holding on to her mane for dear life.

"Twilight darling, what are you doing?" Rarity questioned in shock at her friend's sudden course of action. "We have no idea what in the world that thing is!"

"Maybe its hurt." Fluttershy softly commented as she followed Twilight's lead

Not willing to debate on the subject, Rarity jumped into the crater, with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie following suit. As they entered, they stepped towards the creature slowly, not wanting to make any sudden moves less they might set it off. They each hovered over it, wondering what it could be and what brought it in the middle of the forest.

The creature pressed its hands against the ground again, this time wearingly pushing its entire body upwards, with its legs as support. The ponies and dragon became startled and backed away tardily. As the creature stood to its legs, they were able to gain a fully view of its appearance; tall, blue colored fur, anthropomorphic, quills at the back of the head, wearing white gloves and red and white striped shoes with buckles at the sides, a peach colored muzzle and body, and possessing green eyes.

The creature tumbled back and forth, placing its right hand at its head. Its gaze turned the ones in front and judging by its repeated blinking, it looked it was about to lose consciousness.

'Did anyone catch the number…of that warp gate?" The strange being wearily spoke with a low chuckle, it appeared to hallucinating. The group all just flexed an eyebrow at the question.

Before they could say anything, the creature slowly lost its footing and fell flat on its back, completely unconscious. This worried the Mane Six, they weren't exactly sure about what had just happened, but the knew they had to something.

"C'mon girls! We have to get him to a hospital, ASAP!" Twilight addressed to her friends. "Rainbow, do you think you can carry him?"

"You got it!" Rainbow assured and rushed towards the creature.

"Twilight. We can't just bring a stranger to the town. What if its hostile?" Rarity said worried about a possible consequence.

"Well we can't just leave it here!" Applejack stated to the unicorn, slightly annoyed by her decision to leave the creature helpless.

"Yeah." Rainbow Dash agreed as she hauled the creature on to her back. "Lets just get him some help now and sort it out later. Besides, I don't think it's in any condition to anything at the moment."

With their decision made, the group turned around, climbed out the crater, and quickly made way back to into the forest where they came.

Later at Ponyville…

At the Ponyville hospital, the doctors were insides of the hallways, some discussing with other doctors while others were chasing around Screwloose who was making barking noises. In a room labeled 768, the Mane Six, Spike, and the creature from earlier could be seen. The creature was placed in a hospital bed, still unconscious, with the others at the side of him.

"Well doctor, is he going to be alright?" Twilight asked a caramel colored stallion with a brown mane and clothed in a doctor's jacket.

The doctor looked at the x-ray schematics on his clipboard, and back at the creature.

"Well judging by what you and your friends have told me, he seemed to have had a pretty rough fall. But seeing as how he survived the crash, I can only assume that he has gone through much worse. He's just received some minor scratches and bruises. All he needs is a little rest." The doctor stated as he went past the group and through the door.

The gang couldn't help but breath a collective sigh of relief. Taking note of the good news, they turned to each other.

"Okay back to business." What is that thing?" Rainbow Dash inquired.

"Maybe it's a type of pony!" Pinkie Pie suggested aloud, jumping in the air.

Twilight just rolled her eyes at Pinkie's ludicrous idea and stepped forward.

"No Pinkie. He can't be a pony, this creature is clearly a bipedal organism."

"Maybe it's an alien!" Pinkie exaggerated with her eyes turning into green spirals and hooves flailing in the air.

The Mane Six only sighed at the mare's silliness. Soon they began pointing suggestions left and right, each sounding crazier than the last. However, Fluttershy was the only one who was silent. She walked closer to the creature in bed; her soft hoof steps were quiet, which made her unnoticed. She examined the creature and came to a conclusion.

"He's a hedgehog." Fluttershy pointed out, causing the others to stare at her, confused. "I know he may not look like one, but you can tell by his cute little nose, his muzzle, the quills on his head and the spines on his back. " But he doesn't look like any hedgehog I've ever seen."

The other closely scanned the creature and realized that their soft-spoken friend was indeed correct.

"Yeah." Applejack conquered with her friend's knowledge of animal appearance. "But last I check, hedgehogs don't normally wear shoes and gloves.

The subject of the hedgehog's shoes strangely caught Pinkie's Pie attention. She looked at them in slight awe, she "ooohed" as they sparkled. Curiosity getting the best of Pinkie, she slowly reached for the hedgehog's footwear.

"Pinkie!" Rarity snapped without warning causing Pinkie to yelp in surprise. "What are you doing? Just because he is unconscious it doesn't give you the right to take his belongings."

"I'm just gonna borrow them for a while. No big." Pinkie proceeded to reach for the shoes.

However, as soon as her pink hooves touched the gray soles of the shoes, it was as if time had stopped. In an instant, the hedgehog's eyes popped open. His green eyes sprang to life, looking in every direction and suddenly noticed the pink mare about to slide off his shoes. Then for what seemed like less than a second, the hedgehog zoomed upward form the bed in a short burst of speed, scaring the daylights out of Pinkie Pie as she screamed like a school filly with her hooves flailing frantically and landing on her back.

The ponies and dragon barley had time to react to the sudden wake up call as the hedgehog somersaulted into the air over the surprised equestrians and landed in front of them feet first with his back facing them, the being turned around and posed with his finger pointing at the astounded pack, giving them a serious look

"Don't! Touch. THE SHOES!" The hedgehog stated aloud. The room went silent, no one moved or said a word. They just stared in shock with Pinkie Pie looking upside-down.

However, the silence was broken when the hedgehog began to tumble back and forth with a groan, still feeling aches through his body. The ponies huddled around him in order to keep him steady.

"Whoa there, partner." Applejack comforted as she and the others kept the hedgehog in balance. "After what you've been through today, you may wanna take it easy."

The hedgehog regained his composure as he rubbed the right side of his temple.

"I'll be alright." The hedgehog assured his condition. "Just a little headache is al...l..." He suddenly paused and looked around him. He just stared at the ponies as if they were aliens themselves. "Wow. Hehe…I must've hit my head pretty hard after crashing into the dirt. For a second there, I could've sworn one of you said something.

"I did." Applejack responded. The sudden response caused the hedgehog's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Wait…you're a group of ponies…and a dragon…who can talk…?" The hedgehog said slightly dazed.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and snickered at the sudden hypocritical surprise.

"Are you kidding me? You're a walking talking hedgehog wearing shoes and gloves, and you're question the fact that we can talk?"

"Good point…" The hedgehog stated. Looking back it made perfect sense. "What happened anyway?"

"We saw you fall from the sky and crash into the forest. We noticed that you were hurt so we decided to take you to the hospital." Fluttershy answered as she addressed the events that took placed.

The hedgehog gave them a smile. He was touched by the fact that they helped in and they didn't even who he was or where he came from.

"Aw you didn't have to that. I've faced way worse than that. Listen, I have a lot of questions, but I'll get to that later. Right now I gotta ask you, who are you guys?"

The gang was slightly surprised, their new guest certainly wasn't meek about getting to know people he has only met five seconds ago, but given his friendly demeanor, it looked like he was willing to welcome them with open arms.

"Well…My name is Twilight Sparkle." Twilight introduced with a smile." And these are my friends.

"My name's Spike. I'm Twilight's number one assistant." Spike spoke without showing any sings of shyness.

"My name is Applejack, howdy." Applejack stated with a tilt of her hat.

"Rarity. Charmed." Rarity announced with a flock of her mane.

"I'm…. Fluttershy." Fluttershy shyly squeaked. Sonic took note of her shyness and gave her a warm smile. She smiled back at him, feeling more comfortable.

"Name's Rainbow Dash." Rainbow eagerly introduced with a grin. Sonic felt that there was something about the Pegasus in front of him, yet he couldn't put his finger on it. He couldn't help but grin at her as well.

"And this is…hey were did she…." Twilight spoke before noticing how a particular one of their friends was missing from their pack.

"HI!" Pinkie Pie appeared out of nowhere, startling the hedgehog and causing him to jump back in surprise. "I'm Pinkie Pie and I just wanna say it's SO nice to meet you. We saw you coming out of the sky like a shooting and we were worried so we…" Pinkie happily introduced herself, running all of her words together in the same sentence before being pulled back by Twilight.

"Hehe…sorry. She's a bit hyperactive." Twilight justified for her friend's quirkiness.

"Well she certainly knows how to give someone a happy greeting" The hedgehog chuckled as the rest began to share the laughter as well. After having a good laugh, they all turned to the hedgehog.

"Now. If you could just give us your name, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have." Twilight expressed.

The hedgehog gave them a toothy grin as he posed, crossing his left leg over his right with his left foot standing upward. He brushed his left hand passed his quills and brought it back, snapping his fingers.

"I'm Sonic The Hedgehog, but you can call me Sonic."

A/N: And that is a wrap. Wow! I really liked how this came together; I've been itching to write it for sometime now.

Hope you all enjoyed it RnR out!
Back with a new chapter.

The gang has found what has came out of the light and now are bringing the creature to recover in the hospital.
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