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November 11, 2012
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SSonic X My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A New Friend

A/N: Hey everyone, RnR is back with a new chapter. Trixie is back and the gang isn't too happy about it. She makes smart remarks to the gang and Sonic isn't too keen about it. Is he going to just stand there and let it happen, or is he going to teach Trixie a lesson.


Chapter 4

All About Style

"You have got to be kidding me..." Spike shouted in disbelief of the unicorn before him and his friends. "She's back?"

"That's right, little one. The Great and Powerful Trixie has returned to take her place as the most talented unicorn in all of Equestria!" Trixie boasted aloud, praising herself as her sparklers flashed and burst in explosions.

"Oh c'mon!" Rainbow Dash protested, pointing a hoof at Trixie. "Have you completely forgotten that Twilight sent you running out of Ponyvillie with you tail between your legs?"

Trixie only growled in annoyance at Rainbow Dash. She remembered that night very well. She was humiliated in front of the entire town and ran like a mouse from a chasing cat. Twilight only shook her head and moved passed Rainbow Dash.

"Okay Trixie. You're back, but for what? Payback? Revenge?" Twilight questioned, wanting information of the magician's return.

Trixie just erupted in laughter at the unicorn's ideas. The Mane Six and Spike just looked at each other, leaving Sonic still confused about the situation.

"What kind of nut job is this?" Sonic whispered, nudging an elbow at Twilight.

"I honestly have no idea."

Trixie regained her composure and wiped a tear from her eye.

"Revenge? You honestly think this all was for silly vengeance?" This is merely to prove to all of you that I am a FAR superior pony than you and your friends, Twilight Sparkle!" Trixie hissed coldly, earning a disgusted expression from Twilight, her friends, Spikes, even Sonic looked annoyed at her smug comment.

"You? Better? Oh please, what could you possibly have that make s you so great?" Spike asked with a sense of anger in his voice. It was clear that Trixies attitude combined with her harsh word really struck his nerves.

That's what Trixie was counting on. She gave off a mischievous grin at Spike, making him slightly uncomfortable about that look.

"I'll be just a minute." The unicorn mentioned before turning her back.

She walked across the stage until she disappeared behind the curtains The sound of ruffling soon became apparent moments after she went back stage. Sonic just starred, still and out of the loop, while the girls just looked at each other.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Twilight stated softly.

The curtains suddenly opened, but nothing came out. The group then began to sound of hooves trotting on on the wooden floor of the stage, believing it to be Trixie about to show up with her reason behind her self appointed superiority, but it was not Trixie who showed. Instead, flung from behind the curtains was what appeared to be a large blue stinger that looked like belonged to a scorpion. The separated stinger fell the stage hard with a loud thud.

"Does this answer you question?" Trixie questioned Spike who looked at the tail in shock as she walked from the behind the curtains.

"No way! Is that a…a..." Spike couldn't even finish sentence. His sudden shock appeared to have halted all thought processing functions within his brain.

"A plasma stinger of a giant blue Scorpius!' Twilight finished the sentence and was just as shocked.

Sonic however was not so stunned. He was left in the dark for too long.

"Uh yeah, not to totally expose my ignorance here, but what the heck is a blue Scorpius?" Sonic asked in curiosity.

Twilight's horn began to glow with its magenta aura. From it, a purple beam of energy shot into the air and exploded in a flash of light, creating a holographic representation of a scorpion-like monster.

"A blue Scorpius is one of the most ferocious creatures in all of Equestria. Just one of them is worst than ten ursa Minors. Their armored-exoskeleton makes them highly resistant to blunt force, their large claws are powerful enough to cleave a boulder in half, and their stingers are able to emit a beam of plasma-like energy that is capable of melting steel. Plus, they're about the size of teenage dragon." Twilight informed and her hologram suddenly faded.

'Wow. That's pretty bad." Sonic comment as he place his hand to his side.

"But that's impossible!" Spike assured. "Nopony is that powerful enough, or crazy enough, to go up against something like that. How did you even get that in the first place?"

"More like nopony has ever been brave enough. And Trixie doesn't have to explain her victory to a simple baby dragon that looks like he should still be in diapers. Face it, Spikey; Trixie has performed a feat which nopony would ever hope or even attempt to accomplish; unlike you and your little Lame Six!" Trixie boasted coldly, before giving a triumphant laugh as she placed a menacing burn on Twilight and her friends. Even Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy looked steamed.

Rainbow Dash however looked as though she was about to snap her lid; so mad that her face changed from cornflower blue to boiling red in an instant. She bent her legs as though she was about to rush Trixie, but a gloved hand stopped her. She looked at Sonic, who had annoyed looked on his face. He moved forward and walked past Rainbow Dash.

"I'll handle this." Sonic stated as he made his way towards the stage. It was clear to him that this little teasing act has gone far enough.

Trixie was still in stitches; chortling second by second until the sound of footsteps ceased her laughter. She turned to her right and rose in an eyebrow at the creature in front of her.

"My my, bet you think you're pretty impressive don't ya'?" Sonic asked, tapping his foot against the wood.

"And who in the world are you?" Trixie questioned the hedgehog.

"Just call me Sonic."

"Tch. Sonic? What kind of a name this that? And what are you, some kind of overgrown rat or something?" Trixie asked harshly.

Sonic flexed an eyebrow at the term 'rat'; he has had some experience of people calling him that.

"Now right there is where you messed up. I'm not a rat, I'm a hedgehog." Sonic corrected. The crowd of ponyvillians were surprised to see Sonic, they've have never seen anything like him.

"It does not matter to me what you are. What do you want with me?"

Sonic placed his hand under chin and folded his other arm.

"Well, I just couldn't help but notice you giving these girls and dragon here some grief, and all because you beat a simple bug."

"And I suppose you can do better?" Trixie flipped her mane at Sonic's nonchalant attitude.

"Lets just say I've seen things that would make your head spin. You may be good with all your magic powers, but there's one thing you clearly lack." Sonic stated with a grin on his face. Trixie turned to him with a puzzled look.

"And what would that be?" Trixie enquired.

"Style." Sonic declared.

Trixie looked annoyed at the hedgehog's remark. She titled her hat upwards, revealing her horn.

"Oh and you think have more style than the Great Trixie? Tell me then. What kind of so called 'style' could you possibly possess?"

Sonic opened his arms widen as if he was about to offer something.

"I'll do you one better; I'll show you. C'mon, hit me, shoot me with some kind of magic blast or somethin'." Sonic taunted with a smile on his face.

"Sonic what are you…" Twilight whispered, trying to convince Sonic to no this.

"Trust me." Sonic assured and gave Twilight a thumb up.

"You must be joking." Trixie gawked in disbelieve at the hedgehog's decision.

"I'm serious." Sonic guaranteed.

With a smirk, Trixie pointed her horn at Sonic. It glowed a purple aura, with sparks being generated at the tip. The sparks grew brighter and brighter, causing the crowd to shield their eyes from the light. Trixie's horn then shot off a blast of purple energy at Sonic. The ponies could watch in shock as he just stood in place. Twilight bit her lip in anxiety; she had no idea what Sonic was up and she could already tell that it wasn't good.

Sonic then sided stepped the blast, it passed him and faded away into thin air. Trixie gave a perplexed look while Sonic placed his hand over his mouth and produced a fake yawn.

"What? Is that it? I'm not impressed" Sonic addressed in a bored tone. This made Trixie slightly annoyed.

She charged her horn for another blast and projected it at Sonic, who once again dodged it, crouching sideways.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie? More like The Great and Powerful Windbag!" Sonic mocked as he began to jog in place.

The audience began to laugh at the failed attacks and the remark towards Trixie, even Twilight and the others got a giggle out of it, with the exception of Rainbow Dash who just rolled her eyes. This was starting to make Trixie mad; she gritted her teeth together and growled angrily. She aimed her horn at Sonic and projected three more shots of energy. Sonic dodged them all in various way; a handstand, a split, and break dancing followed by a back flip, landing on the tip of his left foot.

The crowd trotted their hooves and cheered Sonic for his stunts. Sonic waved his hands at the audience, thanking them for their approval.

"C'mon, step it up, miss Great and Powerful!" Sonic taunted the unicorn magician and began rushing towards her. Relying on instinct, Trixie emitted blast after blast at Sonic who dodged them all one by one. At the third shot, he jumped into the air and spiraled into a somersault, landing on the top railing of Trixie's stage with a handstand.

"Well he certainly is agile, I'll give him that." Rarity complimented on Sonic's skills in agility.

"Heck yeah!" Spike agreed as he jumped in the air in excitement. "Anyone who can make Trixie look like a fool has gotta be awesome."

"Sorry, but you're too slow!" Sonic again mocked as he balanced himself on railing.

Not willing to take anymore mocking, Trixie projected a lager blast at the railing of her stage. The blast made contact with the railing below Sonic and erupted an explosion of sparkles and smoke. The railing suddenly become loose and jagged, the grinding of metal symbolized the stage was about to give.

"Uh oh…" Trixie gulped as the railing of the set leaned forward with Sonic hanging on for his life.

She screamed like a filly, as the railing was about collapse, flailing her hooves in a crazy fashion. In an instant the railing fell on the stage with a loud crash. Dust rose from the stage with debris flying in every direction. The ponyvillians covered themselves as the dust blew past them, causing Rarity to shriek as some of it got into her mane.

Eventually the dust cleared, revealing the stage to be reduced to nothing more than a broken heap. Twilight and the other gave a concerned look. They didn't see Sonic or Trixie escape the crash and were afraid that they may've been flattened.

Emerging from the smoke was Trixie, whose cornflower blue fur was dirtied by the dust. She coughed and fanned away the dust with her hat. She turned her head in every direction, looking for the one responsible for the destruction of her entire set, Sonic.

"Where is he? Where is that arrogant blue freak!?" Trixie shouted in rage, huffing and puffing from her nostrils. The ponyvillians looked in the area yet found nothing.

In the background, a silhouette figured walked up behind and leaned in closely towards her ear.

"Again, you lack style." The figured stated with a smirk slowly growing into grin.

Trixie's eyes widened in shock, she could not believe that someone she didn't even know was able to get the best of her…again. Twilight and the other gave a smile of relief as they noticed Sonic, who survived the crash and was covered in dust, was right behind Trixie.

Trixie quickly became enraged as her horn glowed yet again, and turned towards Sonic. As she turned, Sonic took advantage of the split second and placed his leg in front of the path of her hooves. The interference caused Trixie to loose her balance. She wobbled to the end of the stage in a failed attempt to regain control. Sonic slowly walked up to Trixie and examined her predicament. Taking advantage, he gave her flank a light tap with his foot, causing her to fall of the stage and land face first.

Sonic jumped off the stage with a back flip and landed, posing with his hands in the air and with a smile on his face as well as earning a Rank A for his act. The crowd roared with cheers and hooves stomping on the ground. Sonic dusted himself off as the Mane Six and Spike ran up him with congratulations all around.

"Sonic that was awesome!" Spike shouted, feeling ecstatic at Sonic performance. "Trixie definitely did not see that coming!"

"Yeah! You were all swish swish, and Trixie was all 'grrr', and you were all like 'Haha!' That was SO amazing!" Pinkie Pie jumped in exasperation.

"I'll admit, while do not approve of getting dirty, you manage to pull it off quite nicely, darling." Rarity applauded, still trying to get the dirt out of her mane.

"Woah Nelly, Sonic! Ya sure kicked magic dust in her face!" Applejack shouted as she wrapped her hooves around Sonic in a celebratory hug. While he greatly accepted it, Applejack was pretty much crushing him.

"Wahoo! Way to go!" Fluttershy cheered in low soft voice, but Sonic accepted it with a wink back at her.

"I must say Sonic, though it was kind of crazy of having her destroy her own set, you really gave Trixie a taste of her own medicine." Twilight commented with a lighthearted smile.

"Hey what can I say? No one messes with my friends." Sonic assured with a thumbs up, before being crushed by the gang with a group hug. However, Rainbow Dash was the only one not involved.

"C'mon ya'll, the day is still young. What do ya say we show Sonic here around Ponyville for a while?" Applejack suggested.

"Sound goods. But first, you think I could get a bath around here?" Sonic asked as he looked at his dirt covered fur and shoes.

"I concur. Come Sonic, the Ponyville day spa is not too far from here. You could really use some relaxation from all the falling and jumping around." Rarity offered.

Afterwards, the gang began to make their way to the spa, with Rainbow Dash in the back possessing a bit a of a sour look on her face, and Fluttershy walking beside her.

"Wasn't he amazing, Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy asked the fellow Pegasus about Sonic going against Trixie.

"I guess…" Rainbow responded with a hint of grouchiness in her tone as Fluttershy walked past her.

Back the collapsed stage, Trixie slowly rose to her feet, wiping the grass and dirt off her face, revealing a burning sense of anger in her eyes. She just looked at the gang as they walked away.

"This. Is. Not. Over!" Trixie growled as she swore to repay Sonic for wrecking her stage.

A/N: AAAANNND DONE! This was a long one. It was quite difficult on placing Trixie against Sonic. But I think I pulled it off. Next chapter is where things get cookin'.

P.S. It seems that Trixie was pretty steamed. Will it all come back to bite Sonic in his spiney blue butt?

Stay tuned!

New chapter's up!
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sonicboom44 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nice work you showed how cockey sonic is, even in the face of danger. Just stared reading this and already in love with your story. Good luck with future chapters.
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Thank you very much. Glad you're liking the story.
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