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Sonic X My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A New Friend

A/N: You want another chapter? YOU GOT ONE!

UPDATE! Made various errors in pronunciation and spellings of the scorpion creatures in this chapter. It was meant to be 'Scorpios' as well as 'Scorpius'.

Chapter 5

A Prime Disaster

At the Ponyville day spa, the Mane Six, Spike, and Sonic walked up to the check-in counter and were greeted by a mare with pale fur and a golden colored mane.

"Good day. Me and my friends would like a full day of spa treatment." Rarity addressed as she paid the mare with twenty bits.

The mare nodded as she placed the money within her hooves and walked everyone into the spa. Sonic looked around at the decor, mud baths, and message table it had and made a whistling call in approval.

"Nice place for a small town like this." Sonic remarked as he continued walking.

"Oh this place simply marvelous. Trust me, Sonic dear, you'll feel rejuvenated in no time." Rarity spoke with glee in her voice. Sonic only gave her a perplexed look.

"Rejuvenate?" Sonic questioned in slight confusion. "I just want a bath."

"Nonsense! I specifically said a full day of treatment. Surely you must be tired after your little roughhousing with Trixie. Not to mention your body but be aching from the crash landing earlier.

"But I-" Before Sonic could finish his sentence, Rarity clapped her hooves together.

"Lotus Blossom! Aloe!" Rarity called with a singing voice. In an instant, two mares zipped in front of her.

Lotus Blossom was a pony with light cerulean fur and a curved pale rose mane, while Aloe possessed an opposite color setting of pale rose fur and light cerulean mane. Both had a matching eye color of moderate azure.

"Ladies! Treat my friend, Sonic, here to a relaxing massage!" Rarity kindly ordered as she pointed her hoof to Sonic.

The two beauticians nodded and rushed over to Sonic, lifted him on their backs, and carried him to the relaxing beds. Sonic gave off a yelping noise, as he was being hauled with the others following behind him. The spa ponies placed Sonic on the message chair front first, and began to rub their hooves against his lower back.

"Rarity I really appreciate this I really think its uncessarrrryyy-oooooh yeeeaaah!" Sonic cooed as she felt the ponies work their magic on his back. He literally could fell his bones melting away and turn into pudding." Maybe I could stay here for a while."

The beauticians smiled at Sonic's approval and continue to move their hooves against his body.

"And be sure to get his feet. They must be tired from all the jumping around." Rarity addressed.

Aloe nodded and made her way to Sonic's feet and was about to remove his shoes, but a loud voice stopped her.

"WAIT!" Pinkie Pie shouted in protest, causing Aloe and Lotus Blossom to ceased their movement, completely frozen. "Trust me, you do NOT want to do that." Pinkie warned them of the consequences if they did not head her word. She learned form personal experience.

"Its alright I got it." Sonic assured as he kicked off his shoes, leaving him in his white socks, and placed them to the sides.

Once he was on the table again, the two spa ponies then began to message his feet. Sonic completely felt like jelly at this point; he couldn't move, not that he wanted to. Using whatever strength he could muster, he wearily gave the gang behind him a thumbs up, making them chuckle at his gelatin like state.

As the day went by, they gang treated themselves to relaxation from mud baths, to seaweed wrappings and horn and spike filing. Eventually, they made it to their main objective of coming to the spa in the first place, a bath.

The gang was completely relaxed in the warm waters, some with towels wrapped around the their heads, and other with cucumber on their eye lids.

"I gotta say, normally I hate being around water, but this bath is pretty sweet." Sonic complemented, followed by a yawn.

'We're glad you enjoyed it Sonic." Twilight responded. "Now I want to ask you a question."

"Go for it."

"Where did you come form and how did you get here? That light show earlier doesn't really happen here on Equestria."

"Well, I come a from another world called Mobius." Sonic explained while yawning. He appeared to feeling tired, the bath water was really getting to him.

"HAH! I told you he was an alien!" Pinkie shouted in victory from their conversation about what Sonic was when was at the hospital. Twilight just gave a not amused look.

"Go on." Twilight encouraged Sonic to continue, he tried to rub the sleepiness from his eyes, but it wasn't working.

"You see...where I come, from I live a bit of a carefree lifestyle and hang out with my friends. However...I was in the middle of something important..." Sonic yawned as he continued. "I was trying to get the Cha...oss...Emeral...s" Sonic's words quickly became incoherent as he drifted to sleep.

Twilight's eye widen as he just passed out in mid sentence. She quickly rushed to Sonic and placed her hooves on his shoulders. She gave him a rapid shaking to wake him up, it was in vain; he was out cold.

"Sonic. Sonic wake up! Don't fall asleep on me now!" Twilight groaned in disappointment

Applejack could only chuckle as she walked towards Twilight.

"He's had a long day, sugarcube. I guess I can't blame him for nappin'. C'mon lets pack up and take him to the library. I'm sure he'll tell us everything when he's good and ready." Applejack assured.

Then, the gang decided to pack up their belongings, and Sonic's shoes. After everything was set, they headed outside the day spa. Twilight however was still suspicious of Sonic's story. She felt that there was more to him than meets the eye.

Several hours later, Sonic awakened in a dark room. He looked around him and noticed the entire room was...wooden. Aside from the decor in room, it looked like he was within a tree. He turned his attention to the star spangled blanket that draped over him. Sonic then rose from the bed and stretched his arms in the air, followed by yawn and scratched his head.

"Man, how long was I out?" Sonic asked himself as he rose from the bed and walked downstairs to the door. Before he reached the doorknob, he heard voices behind it.

"A party for him? What for?" Rainbow Dash's voice could be heard. She sounded displeased.

"Oh come one, Dashie. He deserves it." Pinkie Pie's voice protested.

"Yeah, especially for totally making Trixie eat her words. Did you see the look on her face? Priceless! I wish I could've taken a picture." Spike's voice followed with a chuckle.

Sonic creaked the door open slowly as not interrupt the conversation that was taking place. He noticed Spike and the Mane Six aligned in a circle.

"So he did a couple of fancy moves and flips, that nothing to bake a cake over." Rainbow Dash stated in a harsh tone. Sonic raised an eyebrow at Rainbow's attitude; he wasn't sure what was going on.

"Sounds like somepony's a lil jealous." Applejack snickered, trying to get the Pegasi's goat.

"Jealous?" Rainbow snorted. "Are you kidding me? I can do all of that in my sleep. Not to mention-"

"He guys!" Sonic's voice called out from the door. The gang below the ceased their discussion and turned their attention towards him. "What's up?" Sonic faked a yawn, pretending that he didn't hear anything.

"Oh S-Sonic.." Twilight stammered, trying to put her words together. "Hey listen about our conversation at the spa earlier, I-"

"HELP ME!" A loud shriek in terror could be heard through walls. Without hesitation, everyone ran outside to find the source of the screaming.

Once they were out of the Golden Oaks Library, they looked around and noticed other ponyvillians outside as well, all searching for the disturbance.

"HELP ME! SOMEPONY PLEASE HELP ME!" The screaming came once more.

The ponyvillians turned their attention to the distant east and noticed Trixie running into town; only she looked battered and bruised. Her cape and hat were torn to shreds, and her fur and mane were ruffled and covered in dirt

She moved as fast as her hooves would allow her. As soon as she came to the library, she tripped on a rock and landed flat on her face. She slowly rose to her hooves with a groan of pain, her eyes boggling around in her head. The gang looked at her in surprise, all wondering what had just happened.

"Trixie?" Twilight questioned in a voice of shock. The battered magician's eyes met Twilight's and she gave a nervous chuckle.

" may have a little teensy weensy problem." The unicorn squeaked. The gang just rolled their eyes; they had a feeling the problem was bigger than she let on.

"What happened?"

" know the blue Scorpius tail I showed you earlier today? Well funny story... the Scorpius who I've plucked it from found me wondering the Everfree Forest...and it was very, very ,very angry. And now a whole horde of them is heading straight for Ponyville..."

The jaws around Trixie hit the dirt. They couldn't believe it. Trixie's actions have put the safety of Ponyville in jeopardy again.

"What? Why would you go around trying to pick a fight with...?" Twilight suddenly paused. A look of worry treaded itself on her face. This concerned the others as they looked at her soulless gaze.

"Trixie, did the Scorpius by any chance have a golden symbol on the base of its head?" Twilight's tone became serious.


"Oh no..."Twilight addressed in a low voice."

"Let me guess, its bad isn't it?" Sonic asked Twilight, taking note of the sound of dread in her voice.

"That wasn't a blue was a Scorpius PRIME!"

"Scorpius Prime?" The gang canvassed in unison with the exception of Sonic and Trixie.

"A Scorpius Prime is far more powerful than an average blue Scorpius. Unlike them, a Scorpius Prime has a red and blue-sectioned exoskeleton hide, making it highly resistant to damage." Twilight informed her friends about the monster.

"And the symbol on its head?" Fluttershy inquired, shaking like a leaf at the possibly upcoming threat.

"That symbol represents the Leadership Matrix, making it the prime ruler of its pack." Twilight finished with a worried look in her eyes. The others gulped at her words, each feeling sick to her stomach. "Trixie. How many Scorpios did you anger?"

"Oh nothing...major...just abooouuut...twenty." Trixie spoke in a meek voice.

The gang looked as thought they were about to throw up at the horrifying number.

"Twenty? TWENTY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Rainbow Dash squalled in anger at the unicorn with her wings flapping furiously as a sign of her temper. "THEY'RE GONNA TEAR PONYVILLE TO PIECES!' Sonic walked up to her and gently nudged away from Trixie.

"Easy there, Rainbow. Yelling isn't going to get us anywhere." Sonic inscribed in a calm tone. "Now we need to get the people out here, before they start a panic. I say we-"

Suddenly, everyone began to feel the ground vibrate underneath their feet. The ponyvillians tumbled back and forth in response to the rumbling.

"Uh guys..." Applejack spoke in a voice of abhorrence as she pointed east of Ponyville.

In the distant on the outskirts of the village was a cloud of dust. Within it was a stampede of blue Scorpios with a larger one in front, the Scorpius Prime, raging towards the town with their legs stomping at the earth. They could be seen off their horizon, this struck fear in their hearts of the inhabitants. The all froze in fear, leaving the town in absolute silence.

"EVERPONY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" A tall brown mare bellowed to the top her lungs.

At that moment the ponies only did what they do best in a time of crisis. Panic. Screams and shouts filled the airwaves as they all ran in different directions, spawning chaos and disarray that would make a certain draconequss green with envy.

"Ah crud..." Sonic expressed in a slightly troubled tone.

A/N: Ah man! Some serious ish is about to go down! How is the gang going to get out of this mess? Will they think of a plan that could save everypony, or end up as lunch on the Scorpios' menu?

Find out next chapter!

Back with another!

I'm pretty sure I worked out the spelling errors. If I didn't, let me know.
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