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Sonic X My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: A New Friend

UPDATE! Made various errors in pronunciation and spellings of the scorpion creatures in this chapter. It was meant to be 'Scorpios' as well as 'Scorpius'.

Chapter 6

Puttin' On A Show

Screaming was all that could be heard from the ponyvillians as the Scorpios made their way towards Ponyville. Twilight and the others were in a bind. They didn't have a plan to deal with the scorpions and the ponies around in were too much of a state of panic in order to be organized for an escape plan.

"Now what do we do?" Rainbow groaned in worry at the predicament.

"I'm not sure. I-I'll think something. I hope..." Twilight gulped, as she actually had no idea what to do.

"Oh why bother?" Trixie bellowed. "As soon as those monster get here, they're to make this town and everypony in it into their personal all-you-can-eat buffet."

"Yeah. And not the good kind of buffet with lots and lots of snacks." Pinkie Pie pointed in agreement.

The ponies and dragons began to devise a plan left and right, but to no avail of a proper solution to the issue. Sonic however just looked at the horde nearing its way. A serious looked hardened on his face and he began walking forward to the east. The others took note of the hedgehog's movement and followed.

"Sonic, where are you going?" Twilight asked in slight concern of his sudden action.

Sonic only starred at Twilight with a serious look on his. This puzzled the unicorn, she was unsure of his motives.

"Twilight, do you think you can get everyone in this town to safety?"

"Yes, but what are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna teach these armor-shelled mutants a lesson about messing with other people's home town." Sonic stated as he continued walking. Twilight eyes widened at his words and she had a very feeling of how was going to school them.

"Oh're not actually going to try and fight them are you?" Twilight asked in combination of fear and uncertainty. Sonic just gave her a smirk, symbolizing that it was exactly what he was going to do. "Oh my are aren't you?"

"Uh, sugercube, how hard did you hit your head when you landed this mornin'? That sounds crazy!" Applejack's voice jolted.

"Yeah." Rainbow Dash intervened. "There are like twenty of those Scorpios and only ONE of you. What makes you think you can take them?"

"Trust me." Sonic said with a wink.

Twilight still was unsure about Sonic's decision, but she noticed something within his eyes; they had a look of determination. Though not wanting to go with the plan, she nodded in agreement.

"Okay, but be careful." Twilight softly affirmed.

Sonic turned and began pacing to the ends of Ponyville. Twilight turned to the others.

"Is he out of his mind?" Rarity shrieked.

"Look, I don't know what he's trying to do either, but right now we have to get everpony to safety before those monsters get here. We're going to have to work fast. Lets move!" Twilight ordered.

At the command, everyone went in different directions to gather the townsfolk. Twilight looked behind her and noticed Sonic at the horizon.

I hope you know what you're doing.

At the outskirts, the Scorpios were nearing the town with Scorpius Prime in the lead. The beast noticed something head running towards the horde. Sonic quickly made his way and stopped in the middle of the fields. He began to stretch his legs and arm, preparing for the fight ahead. After getting his exercise in, Sonic crouched with his left leg bent forward and his right leg stretched behind him.

"Alright. Time to party!" Sonic asserted in an eager tone.

In an instant, Sonic blasted off in a burst of speed. The sudden blare created a rush of wind that made its way through all of Ponyville, quickly earning the attention of the Mane Six and Spike, as well the pony inhabitants, especially Rainbow Dash who couldn't even begin to forge words with her mouth. They turned their attention to a blue streak of light and noticed Sonic rushing at high speeds towards the overgrown scorpions.

Sonic then curled into his Spin Attack, rolling at a great velocity, and dashed forward at the stampede before him, crashing into a blue Scorpius at its forehead. Sonic was simply redirected into the air, while the Scorpius flew past its brethren and landed on its back, completely unconscious. The Scorpios suddenly halted their movements and turned to their battered kin.

"Whoa!" That was all Twilight could say. She was breathless and stunned as the others. They couldn't believe what had just happened. Did he really just take out a blue Scorpius?

Sonic back flipped in the air and landed on his feet. The scorpions turned around to the hedgehog that began his attack. Sonic dusted off his shoes and pointed at the beasts, wiggling it in mocking manner. The Scorpius Prime saw this and took it as challenge. It shifted its claw forward at Sonic and its pack began to swarm around him in a circular formation.

Sonic stood in place, showing no signs of fear. At that moment, they charged at Sonic who leapt into the air. He curled in his ball form again, spinning rapidly and bolted down at the scorpions, blasting them away with his signature Homing Attack. The Scorpios were blown away but skidded their legs against the dirt, standing their ground.

Before they could react, they noticed Sonic rolling at great speeds once more. Uncurling into his base form, Sonic formed a tightly balled fist and punched another blue Scorpius straight in the face. At the rate of speed he was rolling it allowed Sonic to gain momentum, which added to his punch, making its strength equivalent to that of a cannon ball.

The armored shell of the exoskeleton of the scorpion cracked like an egg at the attack and shattered into pieces, revealing a hint of pink flabby flesh underneath. The Scorpous flew backwards and crashed into four more of its brothers, rendering them unconscious as well. Sonic landed as gracefully as a Pegasi's feather, blowing the blue bit of armor off his knuckles.

"Wow! He certainly is a strong feller." Applejack remarked on Sonic's strength.

"Not to mention graceful." Rarity added in an equally pleased voice of his agility.

Five of the monsters were already out of commission. Three more charged as Sonic with their pincers at the ready. The creatures swiftly swiped their claws left, right, and center at the hedgehog, but were not match for his quick reflexes. Sonic dodged the attacks, twirling around, rolling on his sides, and spiraled into break dancing. One decided to use its stinger tail to hit Sonic, but he evaded by jumping over it, only to be grappled at the ankle by the stinger.

The scorpion lifted Sonic and slammed him into the ground at the left and right side of it before spinning him in the air and tossing him like a rock. The ponyvillians gasped in horror as Sonic was thrown in the air. The Scorpio's tails began to glow with a green light with sparks rising at the tip. It pointed its tail at the flying hedgehog and project a blast of green energy straight at him. Sonic quickly recovered at noticed the plasma shot coming at him.

"Oh boy!" Sonic croaked. He quickly took his ball form and began to glow in a light blue aura; the ponies below were perplexed at the glow.

"Sonic Storm!" He called out. His aura gleamed with intensity.

He then projected a powerful blast of wind that pushed him back a bit in midair. The two shots raced head-on and collided in bright explosion that glared over Ponyville. The ponies and Scorpios shielded their eyes from the light. Once the light dimmed, the blue Scorpius removed its claw from its face only for its view to be replaced with the sole of a shoe. Sonic kicked the scorpion at its head and knocked it upwards with a high kick. Once it was exposed, Sonic dealt multiple blows to its underbelly with quick rapid kicks and finished it off with a homing attack. Sending it skyward and crashing on the other two Scorpios.

"Hah! That's eight down!" Sonic gloated. Apparently he cheered to soon, as another blue Scorpius bashed Sonic with the base of its claw.

Sonic flew to another scorpion in front, which swatted him as if he were a common housefly. Twilight and her friends could only watch as the Scorpios used Sonic as their personal volleyball before they slammed him into the ground. Sonic appeared to be unconscious from the scorpion beat down. The creatures slowly approached Sonic, one with its stinger at the ready.

Fluttershy withered like a small leaf at the sight of Sonic about to be skewered. The others gave a hard look at the action. The Scorpius thrust its stinger at Sonic. Sonic's eyes shot suddenly open and he sprung to life at the last second, avoiding the tail and grabbed it by its length. He quickly spun into his ball from, turning the blue Scorpius into a living wrecking ball and using it knock the other scorpions aside.

Taking advantage and still in ball form, Sonic rolled sideways like a race car tire with the Scorpius still spinning and used it to damage the remaining eleven Scorpios, crashing them at the sides, underbellies, and foreheads, sending them fly in all directions and crashing to the dirt. Continuing to spin, Sonic bounced into the air with the Scorpio's tail still in hand and dived down like missile and swung the giant critter downward, slamming it to the ground, cracking its shell.

"Wow. He's really is tough." Fluttershy spoke in whisper of astonishment.

"He's more than just tough!" Spike Shouted with his fist in the air.

"HE'S AMAZING!" Pinkie Pie shouted jumping around and flapping her arms and legs in the air.

Rainbow Dash said nothing. She watched Sonic's high-speed movements in surprise. Sonic released the tail and look around. The Scorpios were completely beaten, yet something didn't feeling right.

"Nineteen scorpions down. Now where's the last..." Before he could continue, a large red claw swatted Sonic, sending flying across the fields and landing on his back.

Groaning in pain, Sonic rose up and rubbed the left of his face to sooth the ache. He heard a loud stomp that caught his attention and was starring face to face at the main enemy, the Scorpius Prime. Green slime oozed from the creature's monstrous jaw. It gave a loud roar that echoed to Ponyville causing the ponies to cringe at the sound, but Sonic was unfazed. The ponyvillians were astonished. None of them could breath. They just took note how the hedgehog didn't even blink.

In the mitts of the commotion, a mare with tan colored fur and gray mane, wearing a white collar and glasses walked up next to Twilight.

"Mayor Mare" Twilight addressed the lovable mayor of Ponyville.

"I must say; that boy fights better than most of the guards here on Equestria. He took down nineteen of those Scorpios as if it were a mere sport. Just who in the world is he?" The mayor inquired at Sonic's skills and bravery.

"His name is Sonic." Twilight responded without taking her eyes off the action."

There was silence. The ponyvillians' mouth hung low in amazement. They did even know who the hedgehog was, yet was risking his neck to save their town. But, they didn't care, they were grateful that someone stood the scorpions' rampage.

"GO SONIC!" A random stallion in the crowd shouted.

"FLOOR THAT CREEP, SONIC!' Another cried out.

In a short moment, the whole chanted Sonic's so loud that he could her from the fields. Sonic took note of the cheering and smirked at the Scorpius Prime.

"Lets finish this!" Sonic affirmed at the beast that only hissed in response.

Sonic took his running stance then charged at the scorpion and curled into his ball form once more. Sonic collided with the Prime's claw, his razor sharp quills grinding against its armor before he was pushed back by the Scorpio's strength. It charged at Sonic and smacked him upwards in the air. Sonic flipped backwards in midair and charged at the Prime with a homing attack, landing a direct it, but not cracking its armor.

Sonic bounced back and land on its feet. He was surprised that attack had no effect, but he remembered Twilight about it being the strongest of the pack.

"I guess it's not gonna be that easy." Sonic stated to himself in realization. Before he could think of a plan, he noticed a multicolored light radiated from the scorpion's golden matrix symbol.

The Scorpius Prime shifted its large body forwards and projected a powerful beam of energy. It missed Sonic, but then again it wasn't meant for Sonic, it was heading towards Ponyville. The ponies could see the beam racing towards them and braced for the worst. But Sonic wasn't planning letting anyone fry.

He raced the beam, managing to get ahead of it way before it reached town, skidding his shoes against the dirt to stop himself and immediately rushed to the beam with a blue and white aura enveloping around him, engaging him in his Sonic Boost. He curled in his ball form and collided with the beam. The struggles created a light-show that left the ponyvillians in shock and awe. Eventually, Sonic managed to divert the beam upwards to the sky where dispersed in thin air. Sonic landed safely and stared at his scorpion foe.

This is gonna take forever! That thing is going to turn me into wall art before I tire it out! WAIT! What if I...

Sonic gained an instant grin and stood tall. He lifted his right hand near his face, pulled his glove up slightly, revealing a light blue bracelet. He crouched into his starting position again and engaged in a Spin Dash. As he rolled in place, orbs of white light began swarming around his being, slowly coating him entirely in light. Afterwards, he assumed his starting position. The Scorpius Prime however grew board of waiting and charged at Sonic with its claws snapping vigorously.

The Mane Six and Spike wondered why he just stood there and it was beginning to scare them.

"Uh Sonic,maybe moving NOW would be nice!" Spike shouted, flailing his claws in the air.

"Ready?" Sonic chimed as he glowed bright. The Prime neared. It was time to...

"GO!" Sonic shouted as dashed at the speed of light and collided with the Scorpius without warning and disappeared in a flash.

The scorpion cringed in pain and noticed that its exoskeleton was widely cracked. A streak of light shot up from nowhere and begin zapping in every possible direction. Rainbow Dash's jaw hit the dirt. She's has never seen anyone move at that speed.

"Just how fast is this guy?" Rainbow muttered to herself in disbelief.

The Scorpius Prime looked and swung in every direction, but its efforts were futile. It could not detect Sonic's movements. Before it could anything, it was pelted by another light speed hit making it and cracking its armor. Sonic delivered strike after strike of light speed attacks; making more cracks on the scorpion's body. After the last hit, Sonic bounced high in the air to point where he could barley be seen.

"You're finished!" The hedgehog declared as he dove back down to earth, spinning rapidly and gaining momentum. Back on the ground the Scorpius shook itself to snap itself from the daze and looked up into they sky at a glowing light. Then without a moment's notice, Sonic slammed the heel of his foot downward on the matrix symbol the creature's head, creating a blast of wind that blaster back the grass of the green field. More and even larger cracks suddenly formed the Scorpius Prime's entire body and its exoskeleton suddenly exploded, pieces flying everywhere and on to the field, revealing the powerful scorpion to be nothing more to be a weakling with soft pink flesh as Sonic bounced off its head.

Humiliated the now defeated Prime scuttled away from Sonic in fear and desperation. The other blue Scorpios turned on their fronts and followed their leader before disappearing in the horizon. Sonic broke into a break dance as his victory jingle could be heard in the background followed by an rank A for his performance in battle. Once the jingle cut, he raced back to pony at high speeds and was greeted by a crowd of cheering ponies.

Twilight and the others ran up to Sonic a celebratory glomp, each piling on Sonic with Pinkie Pie being the last, causing everyone to topple over Sonic.

"THAT WAS AMAZING, SONIC!" Pinkie Pie shouted in an over dosage of glee. Those scorpion bullies didn't know what hit em'."

"YEE HAW! That was one hoof of a show, Sonic!" Applejack cheered as she flung her hat in the air.

"I must say, Sonic, you really knew how to handle yourself out there. The odds were stacked against you and you didn't budge an inch. Marvelous. Simply Marvelous!" Rarity cheerfully stated as she wrapped her arms around Sonic.

"It's what I do." Sonic assured with a wink.

"Yay! You did it Sonic" Fluttershy softly rooted, earning a chuckle from the hedgehog.

"That was absolutely incredible, Sonic. I didn't know you could move so fast. How did you do all that?" Twilight Sparkle eagerly questioned Sonic of his skills. Sonic wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

"Back where I come from, speed is my main game. Then again it's easy to kick butt when you're the fastest thing alive."

Those words brought an uneasy feeling to Rainbow Dash. Not to mention the way he saved the entire town, earned the cheers of the town's folk, and his speed...his speed. That was her gig. She was usually the big main attraction of Ponyville. Now some random guy is stealing her thunder, and that was NOT cool to her. Rainbow growled in irritability as all of this knowledge was surging through her mind. She was about say something but was cut off by Mayor Mare.

"Citizens of Ponyville! As mayor of our fair town, it is my honor to congratulate this young hero for showing great strength and courage against the savage horde that threatened us today! The mayor announced as she walked to Sonic and placed a golden medal around his neck. "Congratulations, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!"

The ponyvillians erupted in cheers as confetti rained over the village, in honor of their new hero.

A/N: Whew! This was LONG ONE! Hoped you all enjoyed this. Rainbow Dash is pretty steamed right now. The real ish is gonna hit the fan next chapter. Stay tuned!

Back with a fight scene.
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Can't wait to see what happens between Sonic and RD now.
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All in all, thanks.
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I throughly enjoyed your story, a few typos but I was able follow along pretty well. The fight scene was pretty discripitive and I was able to picture everything.Great writing.

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