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November 16, 2012
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Sonic X My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A New Friend

Chapter 7

Twilight and the others gave their congratulations to Sonic for saving their town from yet another one of Trixie's shenanigans. Rainbow Dash however was still in disbelief. She has never seen any creature move that fast, and usually she was the fastest.

I don't believe this...just when my life couldn't get any more stale, some random dude shows up and steals my spotlight.

Sonic was accepting the thanks from the ponies until something caught his eye. He noticed the one responsible for the scorpion stampede in the first place, Trixie, trying to make an escape, but something fell from her cape, it gave away a radiating glow, but from Sonic's distant it was too dim to see. He squinted his and noticed that the glowing object appeared to be crystalline.

Is that a...?

Not wanting to bother with details, Sonic quickly dashed passed the mares, causing the sudden rush of air to knock an unguarded Pinkie Pie on her back, and passed Rainbow Dash. This made the Mane Six and Spike curious of the hedgehog's action and they decided to follow him. Sonic quickly stopped in front of the crystal and crouched down to pick it up. He drew it closer to his eyes and noticed that gem was in a diamond cut shape with a cyan color scheme. Sonic's eyes widened in shock as he came to the conclusion of what the mysterious gemstone was. The gang noticed Sonic's pause and stepped closer to him.

"Sonic, are you okay?" Twilight asked in concern, then she noticed the gemstone he was holding. "Uh, what is that?"

"Its gorgeous is what it is!" Rarity stated in amazement at the rock's beauty.

Sonic however was completely spaced out. He made off in a dash again and gave chase to Trixie. He rushed to her at great speed until he eventually caught up in front of her, causing her to yelp in shock at the hedgehog's sudden appearance.

"What do you want now? Can't you see I'm running for my life?" Trixie asked in a voice of worry. Apparently getting the tar beaten out of her by scorpions spooked her. She was shaking like a leaf.

"I need to ask you something about this." Sonic stated about the gem he was holding to Trixie.

"What about it?"

"Where did you get it?"

The Mane Six and Spike eventually caught up Sonic and joined into the discussion with Trixie. They wanted to know what was going on just as much as Sonic did.

"Well you see it all stated a few months ago." Trixie started with her story. "After my humiliating defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle, I fled Ponyville in shame." Spike chuckled at the memories, thus earning a buck to the arm from Applejack. "Word of my failure reached the town of Hoofington and I was a laughing stalk.

"Served you right." Rainbow Dash muttered, but was shushed by Twilight.

"I spent day after day looking for a way to get back at her and her friends for what they did, but found nothing. Then this morning while I was traveling at Froggy Bottom Bog, I noticed these streaks of light shooting from the skies."

"Wait!" Twilight interrupted as something came across her mind. "Did you say this morning?"

"Yes." Trixie responded.

"Streaks of light from the skies...that must've been when Sonic crashed into the Everfree Forest." Twilight spoke in realization.

"One light shot at the bog near the forest and nearly hit me, but it crashed into the ground, revealing it to be the rock you're holding now. Then..bad luck decided to rear its ugly head in my life once more as I came across..."

"The Scorpius Prime." Twilight added.

"Yes, but at the time I mistook it for a blue Scorpio with bad sun burn. I tried to fight it off, but it lashed at me like a beast. I did however manage to pluck off its tail, but that only made it angry. I thought it was going make me into its lunch, but the gem in the ground gave away a bright glow that sent the scorpion running away. I didn't know what the gem was and I didn't care. I decided to use the tail of the Scorpius for my comeback."

"You mean to get back at us like a cowardly wuss?" Rainbow question harshly.

"No...not entirely. Then your little friend here embarrassed me even further, so I decided to challenge an entire herd of Scorpios in order to prove myself with the aid of the gem I found. So I went into their cave in the Everfree Forest and decided to shine some light on them, but it only sent them into a blind rage. And of course you know what happened afterwards..."

"This isn't good. If this is here, then the rest are as well. And that means he too far also." Sonic spoke to himself with a hint of dread.

"Sonic what are you-?" Applejack stated, but was interrupted by Sonic.

"Trixie, I know you found this emerald, but it's imperative you let me keep-" Before Sonic could say anything else, Trixie bolted passed him screaming.

'YOU CAN HAVE THAT BLASTED GEM! IT'S GIVEN ME NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! I'M DONE WITH BEING A MAGICIAN! I'M DONE WITH MAGIC! I HATE MAGIC! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!" Trixie bellowed as she made way out of Ponyville, tearing off her cape and hat as she ran. Sonic and the others had no comment. Twilight walked up to Sonic and gave him a look of uncertainty.

"Sonic what is going on here?"

Sonic looked at the gemstone with grief and turned to Twilight and the others.

"Twilight, I think it would be best if we discuss this in the library. The information I have is too important to be in the open.

Twilight nodded in agreement. Afterwards the gang turned around and ran to the Golden Oaks Library.

At the library...

The Mane Six and Spike were seated while Sonic stood in front with the gem still in hand.

"I shouldn't have delayed this for so long, guys. I should've told how I got here the minute I got out of the hospital. But now I'll give you all the full story of me."

The gang nodded in understanding and allowed Sonic to continue.

"I come from another world called Mobius. It's a nice, quiet, peaceful place, not too different from your world. There, I would hang or chill out with my friends and allies, Tails, my best friend and smartest kid I know, Knuckles, a hardheaded but loyal partner, Amy, a friendly, but persistent girl who has a monster crush on me, Shadow, a loner with a good heart, and Rouge, a woman who has a real kick for finding gems if you know what I mean, and Cream, a nice girl who is always willing to help out anyway she can."

The gang looked in amazement as Sonic described the friends of his world.

"I'm also a bit of a hero on Mobius. I'm always putting myself against the forces of my arch enemy, a scientist known as Dr. Eggman."

"Who is he?" Pinkie Pie asked raising a hand.

"He's basically a wacko doc who relentlessly tries to take over Mobius, using various armies of the mechanical robots he creates in order to do so. I always thwart his plans, but as stubborn as he is, he comes back every time."

"Sheesh, talk about a pest. Applejack rolled her eyes in remark of Sonic's nemesis. "How many times have ya beaten him?

"I kinda lost count after a few years" Sonic stated scratching the back of his head. "Anyway,he shows up every time with a new type of machine to defeat me, but I won out in the end." Sonic boasted of his numerous victories.

"Why does he always try to fight you then?" Twilight asked.

"It's because of the this." Sonic stated, showing his gem in his hand. Spike drooled at the sight of the gem, being a dragon he always had an appetite for gems, and the one Sonic was holding looked mighty tasty.

"What is that beautiful gemstone, Sonic?" Rarity asked in amazement of the gem.

"It's called a Chaos Emerald."

The word "chaos" struck a sense of grief to the Mane Six. Sonic could tell that it wasn't a good feeling.

"Something wrong?" Sonic asked despite having a feeling that he already the answer.

"'s just that we've had some bad experience with chaos in the past." Twilight groaned as she placed her hoof on her head. The gang could remember the day of how a very familiar draconequess spirit caused havoc on Equestria a while back.

"Then I guess you guys have dealt with something like before."

"Why is he after it?"

"After them you mean." Sonic corrected. "You see, there are actually seven of these."

"Why are they so important?"

"We'll usually I would have Shadow explain this, but I'll tell you guys the best way I can. The Chaos Emeralds are incredibly powerful. They posses magical properties that allow them to be used for large variety of things like power up machines and wrap the fabric of time and space."

"Wow! That's incredible!" Twilight beamed in amazement of the emerald's potential.

"That's not all." Sonic assured. "Even as so much as just one emerald is powerful. But if one manages to have all seven of them, they'll become strong, so strong that absolutely no can beat them. They're pretty much...invincible!"

Twilight and her friends were left mouth agape at Sonic's explanation of the emerald's power. Sonic took note of this and gave them a nervous grin.

"I guess that was too much for you guys." Sonic chuckled.

"I never knew anything that powerful could ever exist..." Twilight spoke breathlessly, still in shock from Sonic's words.

"And it all comes to how I got here. In my latest adventure, my buddy, Tails received information on an invention that can open holes in dimensions that Eggman created using the power of the Emeralds. In Tail's Tornado 2, I traveled with him to one of Eggman's bases of operation the, Egg Carrier. There,I confronted Eggman and we both duked it out. I managed to send him running, but he activated the warp gate. It then started to malfunction and became overloaded with the Emeralds' energy. The machine went haywire and began sucking everything within it. Eggman was the first to go and, I followed after him along with the emeralds that were taken in. And you pretty much remember my little entrance."

The gang in front of him was completely astonished by Sonic's story. Their mouths hung low in slight amazement and slight shock. They had not idea what they have gotten their selves into by running into Sonic.

"Wow. That's intense. Can you imagine what were to happen if somepony had that kind of power?" Twilight asked the others in horror of the possible consequences.

"I'm sorry for you guys into trouble. Now that the Emeralds are here, I can only suspect that Eggman is here as well. Not to mention if someone like Trixie got a hold of just one Emerald..." Sonic spoke, leaving the floor open for anyone to speak.

"Imagine what were to happen if somepony we know got all of them." Twilight gulped.

"That's why I need to get Emeralds back and get home before thing the situation escalates."

"By yourself? But what about your friends?"

"No good. They're still back on Mobius."

"No. I mean us!" Twilight stated.


"Sonic. Here on Equestria, friends help friends with their issues. Nopony handles them alone.

"Here here, darling." Rarity agreed.

"Yeah, Sonic. You're our friend now, and if you have a problem, we're here to help!" Pinkie Pie gleefully added.

"We're with you every step of the of the way, partner." Applejack declared.

Sonic was at a lost for words. He only starred that their smiling faces, they were actually willing to help Sonic with his problem. It almost reminded him of his friends back home.

"Okay. But it's getting pretty late, is there anyway I can make an arrangement to live here?" Sonic asked.

This brought Twilight to a sudden freeze. She was completely immobile. This worried Sonic and the others. Sonic stepped closer to Twilight to check if she was all right.

"Uh Twilight?"

"WE FORGOT TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH PRINECESS CELESTIA!" The unicorn shouted. Without any warning, she huddled everyone together and her horn began to glow. "EVERYPONY! CELESTIA! CANTERLOT! NOW!" Twilight screamed before instantly teleporting the group out of sight.

A/N: And that wraps up another chapter. Ya know, since you all have been so kind to favorite and view my story, I'm gonna give you a little treat. DR. EGGMAN IS GOING TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!

Stay tuned!

Its here!
Changed some of the dialogue to make this chapter more believable.
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GermanShepherdLuv426 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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It was a REALLY GREAT CHAPTER!!!! :D :D :D Your doing INCREDIBLY WELL!!!! ;p :D ;p :D ;p ;p
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RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student General Artist
stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Nice one making twilight freaked out.
RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student General Artist
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