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November 22, 2012
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Sonic X My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A New Friend

Chapter 8


Darkness was all that was in view. A groan in pain could be heard as light began to break through the abyss. In the view appeared to be two miniature machines; one colored red with an orb shape, and another colored yellow with a cube shape

"Doctor! Doctor! Are you alright?" The orb shaped robot asked in concern,

"I don't know. He's not lookin' too good." The cube shaped robot state.

In front of them, laying unconscious, was a tall, bald, mustached man clothed in gray hexagonal shaped goggles, tinted navy blue lenses, red turtleneck jacket with white trims, large yellow cuffs with triangular notches cut into the side of each cuff, black contoured pants with matching boots, and cuff less gloves.

"Ugh…my head. Who turned out the lights?" The man groaned as he rose from his back.

"Oh doctor!" Thank goodness you're alright!" The orb robot said with relief.

"Yeah! We thought you bit the big one this time." The cube robot added.

"Cubot…Orbot…" The man groaned as shook his head, feeling slightly dizzy. 'What happened?"

"Well doctor, after we went through the warp gate, you completely blacked out." Orbot addressed to the man.

"Ugh…well that Egg Gate was probably another defect anyway. The man groaned as he stood to his feet and dusted himself off.

He looked around at his current lactation and gave a perplexed look at the world before him. He took notice of the night sky that was glittered by the stars and the grass field in the middle of nowhere that decorated by the blossoming flowers.

"Oh my gears and starters…Where the heck are we?" Eggman questioned.

"Um…we don't know." Cubot nervously chuckled pressing his two fingers together.

The man placed hands on top of his head and groaned in annoyance.

"Well that's just great…not only do I have no clue where we are, but I'm without all of my technology. That infernal hedgehog will pay for this! No one makes a fool of the great Doctor Eggman and lives to tell the tale!

"But doctor, doesn't Sonic always make a fool of you and live to tell the tale?" Orbot asked the doctor in criticism of his encounters with Sonic.

Eggman said nothing. He just growled in irritation until eventually stomping Orbot to the ground.

"Do me a favor and SHUT UP, ORBOT!" Eggman shouted as his creation while stomping his foot into the dirt.

"Uh doc, I wouldn't say you're without all of your technology. Look behind you." Cubot announced as he tugged on the collar of Eggman's jacket.

"What are you babbling abou…?" Eggman rudely inquired before stopping his sentence as he turned around. He noticed a large armored aircraft with a red, yellow, black and white colored hull planted onto the field.

"Is that …IT IS! THE EGG CARRIER!" Eggman shouted in shock at the sight of one of his invention and ran to the aircraft.

"But…how?" Orbot rose from ground after being smashed into the ground. "I thought the Egg Gate only sucked in you and Sonic.

" Hmm. It must've short-circuited after the Chaos Emeralds were absorbed. The overload must've created an energy output feedback, thus causing a Chaos Control that created a displacement field which expanded large enough to send Sonic, my Egg Carrier, and me to another dimension, yet left his melding friends back at Mobius with no way to find us. This is great! Without them, getting the Emeralds and destroying Sonic will a cinch Oh ho ho ho." Eggman chuckled as he relished in amusement

The doctor and two robots made their way to the base of the Egg Carrier and stepped close to one of its hangar doors. The doors slid open, allowing Eggman and the two robots access. As they walked in, they noticed that the inside was completely dark. Eggman clapped his hands together twice and the lights flickered on in response.

"Well, its good to know that this thing is still operational." Eggman commented. He clapped his hands twice again.

A hovercraft floated from the distant and stopped near Eggman. It was his traditional Eggmobile. He hopped in the hovercraft and proceeded to explore the inside of the flying fortress.

"Lucky for me the Egg Carrier has most of my inventions. Not to mention once I get all seven Chaos Emeralds, I'll have a little surprise for that little blue pest, Sonic. But first, lets see if we can find at least one Emerald." Eggman stated as he came to a large computer.

After hopping out of his hovercraft, Eggman approached the computer and pressed a few keys on the keypad. After entering a certain code, a green symbol of a diamond cut gemstone was projected on screen with the words "Chaos Energy Located".

"So the Emeralds are here in this world." Eggman rubbed his chin with this knowledge in mind. "Computer! Find out the where the Chaos Emerald is and place its location on screen!" The doctor ordered.

Upon command, the screen gave visual of a castle town carved on the side of a mountain that featured a collection of ivory towers with golden spires and multiple waterfalls running through it. The screen zoomed in deeper into the city and projected six colorful mares and a baby dragon, which brought confusion to the doctor. But most of all, it showed Eggman's most hated enemy of all time…

"Sonic!" Eggman growled in anger at the site of the hedgehog. "So he did survive…. Good."

"Um pardon me sir, but how is that a good thing?" Orbot inquired in slight confusion.

"Because now I'm able to take care him once and for all, take over this new world, and claim it for the Eggman Empire." Eggman responded with a cynical grin.

"But why would Sonic be hanging out with a group of ponies and a pint sized dragon?" Cubot asked in curiosity.

"Who cares? What matters is that I get the Chaos Emeralds and achieve complete control of the situation!"

Then, Eggman pressed a red key on the keypad. Behind him, a large door slowly opened, revealing an entire army of Egg Pawns lined in formation. This brought an evil grin to the doctor's face as he folded his arms.

"Prepare yourself, Sonic!"

At the distant city…

As the gang made their way through the glamerous city, the sights of the towers amazed Sonic.

"So this is Canterlot huh? Nice place. Kinda reminds of a Carnival Night Zone back home." Sonic smiled as he and the others trailed along the dirt road."

"Oh it is simply marvelous, Sonic dear. It is the most sophisticated city in all of Equestria." Rarity described with her face beaming. Applejack could only role her eyes in response.

"So Twilight, who's this Princess Celestia you mentioned earlier?" Sonic inquired, curious of the mystery princess.

"Princess Celestia, along with Princess Luna, are the two sister rulers of Equestria. As their names suggest, Princess Celestia raises the sun at dawn, while Princess Luna brings out the moon to begin the night." Twilight studiously informed.

"Wow! That's pretty impressive!" Sonic stated in surprise.

"Yeah. And Twilight here is Celestia's most faithful and BEST student!" Spike boasted of Twilight's position of her studies.

"Really, student of a princess? Nice!" Sonic winked at Twilight with a thumbs up, causing Twilight to smile and blush at the compliment.

As they continued to walk, they came to a door of the castle with the royal guards at the sides of the door. As Sonic moved to the door, the guards flexed their wings in order to prevent his entry.

"Halt!" The guard of the right ordered. Sonic held his hands up in defense and gave them a smug grin.

"Easy guys. I don't want any trouble, I'm just here to see the princesses." Sonic announced slyly

"We've never seen anything like you in Equestria. No one is allowed to see the princesses, especially an outsider like you." The guards scolded as he poked a hoof at Sonic's chest. Twilight noticed a look of annoyance on Sonic's face and stepped in front to prevent a fight from breaking out.

"Easy fellas. I'm Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's student. We're just here to make some arrangements with the sisters." The guards took note of Twilights address and folded their wings.

"Of course. Forgive us, Twilight. We're just taking precautionary measures." The guard apologized as he and other stepped aside.

"Thank you sirs."

The door opened and the gang walked inside the castle. Sonic looked back and gave a stern look at the guards before the door closed.

"Sheesh. What a hard case." Sonic jutted a thumb at the door.

"You have to excuse them. The princesses are the very heart and soul of Equestria." Twilight stated in apology for the earlier treatment Sonic received.

Sonic looked around inside of the castle and noticed the purple colored walls and flooring. He also noticed the red carpet and a glass painting of six colorful mares emitting violet beams at a dark unicorn, and another turning a dragon like monster to stone. It came to his attention that those were actually representations of the Mane Six. He looked at Twilight and the others and couldn't help but think that there something special about them.

"Hello! Princess Celestia! Princess Luna! We're here with a guest that wishes to discuss some living arrangements." Twilight called out, stating their business.

They looked around, yet they saw nothing. The out of nowhere, a bright ball of light was being generated behind them; they turned around as they noticed the lights. Inside the rays appeared to be two Pegasus unicorns, one was taller than most ponies and the other was the size of normal ponies. The gang shielded their eyes as not to be blinded, but then lowered their arms as the lights dimmed.

Once the lights faded, they revealed the two rulers of Equestria, Princess Celestia and Princes Luna. Princes Celestia was a tall Alicorn with pale light grayish magenta eyes, a mane with a color mixture of light cerulean, light turquoise, very light cobalt blue, and pale heliotrope, and white colored fur with a light pink tinge, and a sun symbol on her flank. She wore a golden crown and necklace both with an amethyst center, and golden horseshoes.

The shorter Alicorn had moderate cyan eyes, a moderate cobalt blue mane, a dark sapphire blue coat, and a crescent moon symbol on her flank. She wore a small black crown, a black necklace with a crescent moon symbol, and bluish silver horseshoes.

The Mane Six and Spike bowed in respect to the rulers. Sonic took notice of this. Remembering his experience of dealing with royalty in the times of King Arthur, he bowed as well.

"It was most wise of you to bow in the face of royalty, outsider." Celestia stated in a serious tone. This bought an uneasy feeling to Sonic. He had a sense they were going to harsh and critical for coming to their castle unannounced, but that feeling quickly vanished as he noticed a smile on Celestia's face.

"But those who are friends of Twilight Sparkle are always granted access in the halls of Canterlot. Welcome, Sonic The Hedgehog." Princess Luna greeted as she joined with her sister's smiling.

"You…know me?' Sonic questioned as he and the others rose to their feet.

"Of course. We've heard of your triumph against the horde of the Scorpious Prime. Not even some of our top soldiers are able to stand a round against their power, but you are something different.

"I must say I'm very impressed with your skills. I've never heard of a creature as fast as you since Rainbow Dash." Princess Celestia added.

"Fast as me…?" Rainbow muttered under her breath.

"It was nothing really. Just thought I had to something." Sonic stated with a smile.

"Regardless. You've shown that you're willing to risk yourself for the safety of others. Remarkable. Though we've never seen the likes of you in all of our thousand year rule of Equestria. What are you?" Celestia questioned in slight interest of the hedgehog before her.

Sonic then explained his origins of where he came from, how he got to Equestria and the incident with the scorpions. He also explained the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which really peaked the interests of the princesses.

"I see. And this 'Dr. Eggman' would be able to take over our world if he were to collect all seven of these Chaos Emeralds. If they're as powerful as you say they are, then the sanctity of Equestria is at stake."

"I'm sorry putting you and your people in my affairs, your majesty." Sonic apologized as he folded his arms.

"Tis not your fault, hedgehog" Luna interjected. "There was nothing you could've done to prevent this.

"I could've stopped Eggman." Sonic sighed.

"Do not fret. Stay in Equestria as long as you need to in order to find your Emeralds. I'm sure my faithful student, Twilight, and her friends would be more than happy to assist your cause." Celestia assured placing a hoof on Sonic's shoulder.

"We will, your highnesses. You can count on us." Twilight addressed with a smile.

"I know I can." Celestia smiled back. "Also Sonic, feel free to make yourself comfortable at Twilight's library.

"The resources of Equestria are at your disposal, hedgehog. Feel free to use them as you wish." Luna added.

Sonic smiled at the offer. "Thanks, your majesties. For people of higher society, you two seem pretty laid back.

The princesses nodded in acceptance to the comment. Then, the loud slamming of the front castle door followed by the galloping of one the guards caught everyone's attention. The guard ran down the halls and passed Twilight and the others, and stopped in front of the princesses.

"Celestia! Luna! We have an urgent situation!" The guard announce in between pants.

"What is it?" Luna questioned.

"Our troops have spotted a metal clad armada approaching from the north towards Canterlot. Their leader appears to be an Egg shaped creature within a large mechanical armor." Sonic's eyes widened as soon as he heard the term "egg shaped creature".

Outside Canterlot…

The large army of Egg Pawns marched their way down the fields and towards. A great amount of them were the original E-1001 Egg Pawn series, two were of the larger E-1006 Egg Hammer series, and four were of the E-2000 falco models. Behind the army was Eggman in a large mech that possed a red colored upper body armor and black mechanical legs. The arms of the robot were at bulking poportions, the looked like the could crush an entire being. Attached to the mech was the Eggmobile with Cubot and Orbot insert in consoles in front of a grinning Doctor Eggman.

"You're mine, Sonic!" The doctor declared as he and his robots approached.

A/N: And that's a wrap I've been meaning to get this out soon, but I decided to make this a bit of a present.

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stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
wait..Seriously?sonic and the black knight sucked?well even though I never played the game I still think its cool(Well I think all the morden sonic games are cool.)
RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Broken doesn't even begin to describe how crappy that game is. With its busted controls, terrible dialogue, lame plot, and the ridiculously stupid concept of Sonic hold a sword, a talking at that(my bro doesn't mind the concept though), makes that game one of the worst Sonic games IMO. But you're not here for a game review, you're here for some fanfiction.
stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Yeah.Guess I should stick the opinions of games to myself then. :D great chapter cant wait for the next one
GermanShepherdLuv426 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Can't wait to know what happens next!!!!!! :squee: :D :squee: :D :squee: :D :squee: :D :squee: :D :squee: :D :squee: :D
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Yay!time to stop eggman and nice work using e.g.g.m.a.n eggmans them with him
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
I like how you maintain Princess Luna's old school diction, I thought it was a very nice touch.

Interesting your have the Doctor attack so soon, I for sure thought were were gonna have a race to see who could get their hands on all the emeralds.
RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh the fight for emeralds is still on, Eggman is just going to try and beat the heck out of Sonic to get the first emerald. Plus, I'm trying not to drag out the story for too long.
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
When you put it that way,Eggmanhas always attacked sonic head on in the begining of his games...I could see him doing this, he really wasn't one to shy away from the direct approach.

Sometimes the short stories are the sweetest.
RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I'm honestly not sure how the story is going to be, but I'm just gonna keep writing now and sort it out later.
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Not a bad way to write, I've actually changed my story probably 3 times by now as I went along simply becuase the way writing went. Looking forward to seeing how your story works out.
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