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Mario and Sonic: World's Finest

A/N: MWAHAHAHAHA! What is up you mother-duckers? For those of you who know who I am, it's your boy, RnR. For those of you who don't, it's just a writer you've never heard of until now. If you managed to find your way to this little story, perhaps you're willing to go one step further.

For those of you who know me, I decided to take a slight pause from my first crossover fic, "A New Friend", and write another favorite crossover of mine, a Mario and Sonic crossover to be accurate. For those who don't know me, I welcome you.

I know that this crossover has been done to death, but let me show you how I cross two series the RnR way. I have many different kinds of surprises that'll take place in this story.

So let's just take a trip to Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, shall we?


Chapter 1

Back At It Again

Space: the final frontier. An endless vacuum that seems to go on for eternity. Pieces of asteroids scattered in the distance and stars and galaxies gave light to the endless void. Aside from that, there was nothing else. However, it looked as though something slowly started to form within the great vastness. It appeared to be a dark fog, containing no shape or form. The fog soon began to produce a white colored side as well as small yellow and purple dots that resembled small star-like sparkles, giving the appearance of a sort of dimensional energy.

The mysterious fog gave a low hiss as if it possessed the emotion of anger. What would it be angry about? There was no around to know are find out. It simply shifted its form and moved through space in a slithering motion. It passed through multiple decorates of the cosmos, almost appearing to in search of something. What would it be search for?

Again, no one was around to know…

In another part of the universe, a large sun gave light as it hovered over the humble planet of Mushroom World. The world below was beautiful and vibrant. Fresh green grass and colorful flowers bloomed across the land of the Mushroom Kingdom. Familiar yellow boxes with "?" on the sides as well as green pipes of different length and width were also apparent. At another location, particularly on quiet piece of land was a large house that was bared a pale yellow color, a red roof, an antenna with a yellow star compass at the top, and pipe-like chimney. What was most interesting about the location of the house was at the far left of it, the large castle of the kingdom's beloved Princess Peach could be seen within the distance.

In front of the house, above a stone rock way path, was a tall thin looking young man who had peach skin, blue eyes, a large nose, and brown hair with a matching colored prominent mustache. The man wore a green cap with an "L" at the front of it, matching colored shirt, while gloves, blue overalls and brown boots. He appeared to be hanging laundry on a clothesline. It was none other than the tallest but surprisingly youngest of the heroic Mario brothers, Luigi. As he hanged the laundry, Luigi whistled a tune that was very catchy.

He suddenly stopped his whistling when he reached it his right hand into the laundry basket near him. He felt something cold and hard, something metallic. He gripped the object and noticed it to be a hammer within his grip. Luigi's once smiling face quickly twisted into a scowl of annoyance. He lowly growled as he clenched the working tool into his gloved hand. He stood to his feet and stomped off to the house in front of him with in a huff.

"Mario!" The younger brother shouted angrily, calling the name of his twin.

At the home, the yellow door of the house was shoved open with great force and Luigi fiercely walked inside with the hammer still in hand.

"Mario!" He shouted again, this time louder. He turned his head in every direction, searching for Mario. "Mari…!"

His voice quickly silenced when he turned his head to the one on a red couch, comfortably asleep and snoring loudly. Luigi was well known for matching his brother in terms of skin, hair, gloves, overalls and shoes. However, Mario was much shorter with a slightly portlier build, and bared a red hat and shirt instead of green.

Luigi's eyes just slanted as he noticed Mario laying comfortably in his couch, none the wiser that his brother was standing next to him.

"Mamma Mia…" Mario snored softly. "Lots-a-spaghetti…" He snored again.

Luigi just starred at his brother. He believed him to be the reason why there was hammer in the basket. He had half a mind to clock him over the head with hammer. In fact, that's exactly what he was going to do. He slowly raised the tool over his head, ready to knock some sense into his brother, but suddenly stopped his hand in mid-ar. He then dropped the hammer, letting it fall to the floor with a thud, and shook his head in disapproval. Luigi then placed his right hand on his chin, slowly rubbing it like he was contemplating a plan. His eyes quickly opened and he reached his right hand into the pocket of his overalls. His hand shifted around inside, possibly looking for an alternative to the small hammer.

The green clothed plumber smiled when he felt something within his pocket. He gripped the item and pulled as hard as he could. He appeared to be struggling to get the item out, but kept at it. He gave his hand one last yank and managed to pull the item out; revealing it to be an incredibly larger yellow hammer that looked like it could pulverize anything.

Luigi then gripped the hammer tightly in his hands and held it high over his head. He lowered the hammer slowly and quickly raised it up again; he wanted to get a good build up before attempting the real swing. He brought his hammer up again, gripping it even tighter. He about ready to bring the hammer down. He shifted his arms forward and swung down with great force at Mario's head.


The hammer made contact. The sound of the impact was then quickly followed a loud cry in pain. Mario was on the floor, clutching his head in pain as a large bump began to rise at the base of his forehead. Luigi twirled the large hammer in his hand and blew on it as if he was a cowboy blowing smoke off his gun. Mario wearingly placed his hands to the floor and pushed himself up to his knees with a loud growl. He turned to his younger brother and starred at him angrily.

"LUIGI!" Mario cried out in anger and furry.

He then began speaking his traditional Italian language in a rapid, vigorously pointing to the large bump on his head. Luigi stomped his left foot in frustration and picked the smaller hammer. He began furiously speaking in his native tongue as well. Though it couldn't be understood what he was saying at the time, he pantomimed to Mario about his dislike for him leaving the hammer in the laundry as if it was done on a daily basis, showing his possible neglect for their tools.

Mario simply turned his head with a "humph" and folded his arms in annoyance at his brother's complaining. Luigi stopped talking and eyed his reckless and inconsiderate brother, giving him the 'What do you have to say for have to say for yourself?' look. But Mario had nothing to say. He just unfolded his arm and walked passed Luigi without giving their argument as so much as a second.

Luigi only watched, infuriated as his brother walked away. Mario always was the more impulsive of the two. The younger sibling grumbled under his breath. Was he about to just let Mario get away with his actions?

No, of course not!

He turned his attention to the small hammer that was still on the floor and quickly picked it up with his right hand. Luigi then cocked back his right arm, stretching it back as far as he could in order to get a good shot. Once his arm was fully stretched, he chucked it forward as hard as he could and released the hammer. The hammer circled through the air, aimed at the back of the smaller plumber's skull. As Mario approached the doorknob, the sound of swooshing noises became apparent to his ears. He turned to the sound and came to notice the hammer coming straight at him.

The short plumber yelped in a state of panic and ducked to the floor in the nick of time just as the hammer flew over him and crashed through the door window, causing bits of shattered glass to floor. The sound of the class breaking was also followed by a loud 'THWACK!'

"OW!" A small voice called out from behind the door. The brothers ceased their conflict as soon as they heard the shout.

Mario rose from the floor and proceeded to the door with Luigi following behind him. He cleared his way through the broken glass and reached his hand to the doorknob. He turned it and pushed the door open, allowing the brothers to come to notice a disoriented Mailtoad who had a large bump on his mushroom cranium, possibly to due to Luigi's misfire. The Mailtoad hobbled over to Mario and Luigi and presented them a pink envelope with crown sticker on the front.

"Letter…for…the Mario brothers." The Mailtoad dazzlingly addressed before falling to the ground, unconscious.

"Oops…" Luigi said in an apologetic voice for his recent action.

Mario reached his hand out and pulled the envelope from the now knocked out Mailtoad. A smile appeared under his mustache when his nose caught the scent of the envelope. It was a sweet inviting smell of freshly grown peaches. He released a light sigh in delight and then peeled the crown sticker off of the letter. Luigi nudged his head at the side of his brother's, equally eager to find out what the letter was about. After taking the letter out, the two began to scan it for its contents.

     Dear Mario and Luigi,

I hope this letter finds you two well. You have been invited to 8th Annual Royal Cake Picnic. Come and join your friends in the enjoyment of cookies, candies, and cakes of all shapes and sizes. But I hope you two will save room for my famous Mushroom Triple Warp Pipe Superstar Surprise cake (with edible decorates)! We hope to see you boys at the castle very soon.

~Warm regards, Princess Peach.

The twins salivated after reading the letter; the thought of sugary delights was always to put a smile on their faces. They then quickly shook their heads, flinging the drool from their mouths and snapping themselves from their daze. Afterwards, the boys placed their bodies in a running start, then looked at each other and nodded in some form of agreement.

"Let's-a-go!" The brothers called their traditional phrase.

With that being said, they quickly made their way from their humble home and onto the stone walkway, eager to have some delicious cake in their stomachs. Everything seemed to be alright with the world and only appeared to get better. However, from the far side of the brother's home, floating high in the air was a transport that the face of a smiling clown. Within the carrier was a massive figure with a burly, green spike- armored shell, horns protruded at the side of its head, red hair, a green face, flesh-colored underbelly and snout, orange-tinted yellow body and spiked tail, claw-tipped fingers and spiked collars around his neck and arms. The figure appeared to be an enormous like turtle-like humanoid looking through a pair binoculars in its claws.

The figure then lowered the binoculars from its face and revealed its red eyes.

"A cake picnic, eh?" The figure spoke in a deep gruff male voice. "Sounds like fun. Hehehehe." He wickedly chuckled as he floated away into the distance in his clown-themed transport.

It certainly appeared that the day was going to be interesting for the Mario brothers.

Of course… they weren't going to be the only one who would have a memorable experience that day. For in another side of existence, a sun as equally life giving as the one in the previous one was shining brightly over the planet of Mobius. However, the sun gave little light to a specific area. There was no lush green environment full of life, but an environment of ice and snow. The waters of the land also bared chunks of ice that floated within its banks.

Cold winds blew across the area, bringing a chilling effect to the already cold wasteland. On a particular field of snow were three figures walking across it. The one in front was a tall Mobian hedgehog male who bared blue fur, green eyes, and peach skin for his muzzles, arms, and stomach. The hedgehog didn't wear much clothing other than white gloves with sock-like cuffs and red sneakers with white strap cuffs and gold belt buckles. He also had a smile on his face that symbolized a "can-do" attitude. It was none other than the famous hero of the world, Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Man, it feels like we've searching here for hours!" Sonic commented as he covered his face from the harsh winds. "Any luck on finding that Chaos Emerald, Tails?" Sonic questioned as he turned to the second Mobian behind him as well as his best friend.

Tails was a bit shorter than Sonic. He was a young fox with yellow-orange fur with a white muzzle and body. His prominent features of which he was names for were his twin prehensile tails. Much like Sonic, he wore white gloves, but he wore red and white sneakers.

"It's not much farther from where we are now." Tails responded. He lifted up his right wrist to his face, showing a small watch-like radar. On the screen of radar showed a small yellow dot that blinkered followed by a repeating beeping sound. "My radar is telling me that an Emerald is located somewhere within this section of the Ice Cape Zone. If we cross this upcoming hill we can…

Before he could say anything else, Tails was interrupted by low growl of annoyance that caused him to turn his attention to the third Mobian behind him. The Mobian was an echidna about Sonic's height, baring red fur with a white crescent on his chest, red dreadlocks, peach skinned muzzle, and violet eyes. Much Sonic and Tails, Knuckle's clothing mainly composed of gloves and shoes. However his gloved hands were abnormally large and twin spikes were protruded at the base of his knuckles and his shoes were red with green cuffs, yellow straps, and silver buckles.

"Of a-all the p-p-places…" The echidna lightly shivered in response to the cold. "…to find an Emerald, w-why did it h-have to b-b-be in the Ice Crap Zone?" Knuckles complained aloud as he rubbed his hands against his arms.

"Ah quit you're griping and keep moving your legs, Knux." Sonic chuckled. "The blood flowing through them might keep ya warm. And if you're lucky, the blood may flow to into that thick head of yours and give life to what I laughably refer to as your brain." The hedgehog chastised with a smirk, earning a growl from Knuckles.

"You're not gonna be talking much about brains once I knock yours outta your skull and into the ice, Sonic!" Knuckles shot back, raising his fist in the air.

"Can you guys please do this some other time?" Tails inquired with a sigh. He always hated it when his friends started their famous quarrels. "I clearly don't need to point out that we have to get the Emerald before a certain 'you-know-who' does, and you two arguing is not helping us."

Upon hearing Tail's voice of reason, Sonic and Knuckles just gave each other hard look, before turning their heads away with a 'humph' and the trio continued walking through the icy region. They eventually came up on hill Tails believed be it to be the location of the Chaos Emerald they've been looking for. Once they've reached the top of the hill, Tail's wrist radar began flashing rapidly with the sound of an alarm going off as if it detected something.

"What's up Tails?" Sonic asked as he stopped behind his friend.

"My radar is picking up a strong energy signature…" Tails responded

"Is it from the Emerald?" Knuckles gave voice.

"No…" Tails shook his head in confirmation "It's something else…I think it's-"

Before he could continue with a further deduction, the ice beneath began shaking, causing the boys' bodies to shift and tumble in response.

"W-w-w-what t-t-t-t-he-e-e-eck is going o-o-o-o-n?" Sonic stammered as he continued to jitter, unable to control his movements.

Cracks slowly began to form within the ice below and flashes of yellow light waves became apparent within the cracks. The three Mobians each gave a perplexed look at the lights in the ice. What was happening below the surface? They were about to find out. The cracks in the increased in both size and length and the lights began flash even brighter, causing the boys to shield their eyes as not to be blinded. Suddenly, when the lights flashed their brightest, the ground erupted in an enormous explosion of ice and light, sending the boys flying through the air before crashing the ground on their backs.

Plumes of steams rose from the location of the explosion, possibly due of the mysterious energy that came in contact with the ice. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles groaned in pain as they slowly began to push themselves to their knees.

"Is everyone okay?" Tails asked in concern of his friend's safety.

"Define okay…" Knuckles uttered as Tail's questions, hinting that he was actually the opposite of okay.

"What do you think happened?" Sonic asked. Within the cloud of steam of smoke, yellow sparks of electricity began to show, grasping the attention of the three.

"We're about to find out." Knuckles commented as he and Tails stood their feet.

Along with the sparks of electricity, a silhouette figure was seen floating inside the smoke. Sonic squinted his eyes and gave a long look at the figure, to him it almost looked familiar. The figure's appearance resembled that of a hedgehog and had a body type identical to Sonic's. As it slowly appeared from the collection of smoke, more of its body to show. Despite the figure being revealed, Sonic and the other didn't look surprised and simply took a, offensive stance.

The figure appeared to be a robotic lookalike of Sonic, bearing a blue overall color scheme for it armor body, arms and legs with white metallic sections that was connecting them together, white shoulder guards, sharp metallic fingers, a yellow section within the chest cavity, a jet engine at its back, and red metallic feet. The robot also bared cold emotionless red irises with black sclera.

"Metal Sonic…should've guessed." Sonic expressed in an unamused tone, crossing his arms across his chest at the sight of his cybernetic copy. Metal Sonic always did have a habit of being one of the few things to actually get under his skin.

"What? That thing again?" Knuckles growled as he clenched in his left into a tight fist.

"If Metal Sonic here, then that could only mean…" Tails stated. The hint of alertness within his voice indicated that he had a feeling what was about to happen next.

"How right you are, Fox Boy!" A gruff voice called from the air.

The trio turned their heads upwards to the voice and noticed a man within a hovercraft shooting down a devilish smirk. The man was appeared to be in his late forties, bared pince-nez glasses over his eyes and grey hexagonal-shaped, protective goggles on his head. He wore a red turtleneck jacket with white trim, large yellow cuffs with triangular notches cut into the side of each cuff, black pants ant boots with grey accents, and white cuff less gloves.

"Eggman!" The three shouted in unison at the sight of their foe.

"You were expecting maybe someone else? Ohohohoho!" The menacing doctor chortle at the boy's reaction to his arrival.

He was always persistent in forwarding the dream of annihilating his archenemy, Sonic. And now he was there with his one of his finest creations, he was eager to make that dream a reality.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario brothers were finally making their way to Princess Peach's castle. In the castle front yard stood stands and tables of varying lengths and widths holding all kinds of confectionary treats and with multiple Toads inhabitants of the kingdoms at each table. The two brothers smiled as they passed as the stands. Mario was nearly was drooling at the sight of the goods, much managed to keep himself from looking like a hungry madman. At one stand particular stood a short lank old man with a single bundle of hair standing on his head, thick glasses with swirls in them, wearing a white lab coat, dark blue pants, and brown shoes.

Standing next to him was a cheerful green dinosaur-like creature that had a large nose, a row of red spines on its head, a saddle on its back, and brown shoes. They both smiled as the old man dipped his fork into his cake and the dinosaur dipped his entire face into his plate, scarfing his cake with only a few bites. His head emerged from the plate, covered in frosting.

"Um, Yoshi," The elder stated upon seeing the dinosaur's face. "You got a little…" He pointed his face hoping the creature would get the gist of what he was saying.

The creature noticed the frosting on his face and quickly smiled. He opened his mouth and stuck out a long sticky tongue. Yoshi then moved his tongue across the entirety of his head, he gather every ounce of frosting he could lick and greatly "mmm" as he tasted the vanilla flavoring of it. He continued to lick until all of the frosting was clear from his head. The old man chuckled with delight at Yoshi's successful self-cleansing.

"Oh Yoshi, you never change." The old man gave warmhearted smile, receiving a smile from the dinosaur as well.

"E. Gadd!" Luigi's voice called to the old man, gaining both his and Yoshi's attention.

They both turned and noticed Mario and Luigi walking towards them with smiles on their faces, eager to see their old friends.

"Mario, Luigi, its good see you two again." greeted the plumbers.

"Yoshi! Yoshi!" Yoshi jumped with joy as he hopped his way towards Mario and Luigi, eventually hugging the two in his green arms. The two patted the saddled back of their green companion before he let them go.

Just as he released them, the sound of horn sections became apparent in the air waves, causing the four males to turn their attention to a chorus of royally clothed Toads, formed in two spaced rows of five, blowing their long trumpets into the air. Form the center of the row of Toads approached an elderly Toad with a tan complexion, a beige cap with brown spots, and white mustache. He wore a light purple vest with gold buttons and a vest layered over it, white bottoms, brown shoes, small black glasses, and a bow tie. He placed his hand over his mouth and cleared his in preparation for an announcement.

"Greetings everyone! It is with great pleasure that I welcome the host of this social gathering. Please give a round of applause for Princess Peach!" The elder addressed with vigor in his voice.

Emerging from the center of the row of Toads was a tall beautiful young woman walking by. She was a woman with long flowing golden-yellow hair that sparkled in the sun's light, sky-blue eyes, fair skin complexion, and a soft pointed oval face with a pointed nose. She wore a golden crown on her head with two rubies and two sapphire embedded into its metal that symbolized her royalty, two sapphire earrings, a pink floor-length gown with white elbow-length gloves. She waved to loyal Toad subjects with a smile, earning cheers and claps of applause of all of them.

"Thank you, Toadsworth!" The princess happily conveyed the elderly Toad. "And thank you all for coming! You're bright and shining faces always make this princess very happy. I'm glad that you all could make it, especially the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Brothers!" Peach announced, pointed a hand at the bothers in front of her.

Cheers soon began erupting for the plumbers. Mario tipped his hat in honor the praise while his brother blushed a cherry red and chuckled lightly, he always was the shyest brother.

"And now, without further ado…"

The princess clapped her hands together twice. At the command, were Toads approached her from behind. They carried what appeared to be a giant cake perched on top of a large plate, but not just any cake. Mario and Luigi began drooling again that the size of the delicacy. It was none other than the Mushroom Triple Warp Pipe Superstar Surprise cake that Peach spoke of in her letter moments ago.

The cake was enormous and triple layered, coated with blue and white frosting. Edible Warp Pipe decorates circled on the edges along the Super Mushroom decorates behind them. The icing on the cake (so to speak) was the golden edible Starman placed on of the small third layer. The Toads carrying the cake made their way passed Princess Peach and set the cake down in the center of the crowd that ooed and awed.

"Alright everyone, grabs you knives and forks and get ready to…" Peach stated with a smile.

However, before should could continue, a Bob-omb fell from the sky and landed on the edible Starman, mushing it deep into the cake. The fuse on the small bomb-like being quickly lit when it opened its eyes. The crowd jumped and screamed when they caught sight of it.

"Good heavens!" Toadsworth shouted in a state of shock and fear. "Where on earth did that Bob-omb comb…!"

As he and the rest of crowd panicked, the fuse on the Bob-bomb's head eventually dissipated and the little living bomb erupted in a fiery explosion, completely destroying the mother of all cakes, blasting away the crowd, and coating everyone and everything in bits of cake and frosting. After the explosion, everything went silent, and the most of the crowd were either too shocked to move or passed out. Lumps of frosting were common placed thanks to the explosion, some larger than others. Several lumps began to slightly move and multiple Toad citizens began to emerge from them.

The most notable emerging from frosting piles were Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Professor E. Gadd, Toadsworth, and Princess Peach. Their bodies were covered in frosting from head to toe. Mario was wiping the some frosting out of his hair and off his clothes while Luigi and Yoshi helped Toadsworth, E. Gadd, and Peach to their feet.

"Oh dear…" Toadworth groaned. He held his head with his hands, trying to pull himself together.

"Is everyone alright?" Peach asked in a sincere tone. They nodded in response, showing that that were in good condition.

"I reiterate, where did that Bob-omb come from?" Toadsworth questioned.

The Mario brothers placed their hands on their chins at the question. Where indeed did that Bob-omb come from? The crowd turned their heads in different directions to find the culprit, but there was none to speak of.

"BWAHAHAHAHA! I guess you can say that cake had an explosive flavor!" A gruff voice from nowhere chortled at the recent even that took place.

The crowd froze in fear at the voice. They knew that menacing voice all too well. They could live for a hundred years and still tremble at the sound of that specific laughter. The Mario brothers clenched their fists and took a stance as they began to scan the area for their foe. Toadsworth on the other hand looked into the air and pointed without hesitation.

"Up there!" The elder called out.

At the shout, the crowd drew their attention upwards and noticed the very same turtle humanoid in the clown car that examined the brothers at their home earlier that day. The large beast gripped it claws against the edge of his carrier, leapt his large stubby legs over the carrier and plummeted through the air with its large clawed feet first. He landed on the ground with the impact of a boulder, causing the earth to quake beneath him. He raised his head to the crowd and flashed them a menacing grin with his razor sharp teeth a fiery red eyes.

"BOWSER!" Mario and Luigi shouted with vigor in their Italian voices. Mario clenched his gloved hands into fists and prepared for the worst.

"That's right folks! Bowser's back in town! Sorry to crash your little party, but you know how I like to make a good entrance." Bowser wickedly chuckled as he crossed his crossed his arms over his body.

"You really are a big bully, you know that, Bowser?!" Princess Peach scowled harshly. She stomped her pink high heel in the ground in frustration and anger. She always dreaded the thought of encountering her kidnapper on a weekly basis. "Are you really so obsessed with capturing me that you have ruin everyone's good time?"

Bowser just stood in place and said nothing. His cold sneer soon began to form into a smirk, his rows of teeth only added to its cynical effect. The massive Koopa soon began to chuckle lightly, then his chuckle soon began to work its way into a full hearty laughter. The crowd gained an uneasy feeling from the laughter, knowing that nothing good would come after. The large Koopa's laughter soon began to settle as he slowly regained his composure. He wiped a tear of his eye and flicked it off of his clawed hand.

"Don't be so naïve, my dear Peach. I'm not here to capture you." Bowser said in an assuring tone. Peach gave a light sigh in relief and placed her hand on her chest. "That comes later!" The Koopa king immediately shouted. Peach and the others only hung their heads low in disappointment. Bowser never was one for change in his plans.

"Okay…" Peach breathed "…then what's the other reason you're here?"

Bowser only shot Peach a toothy grin and pointed a claw at Mario.

"I'm here for you, Mario!' He addressed to the plumber in a low growl.

All of a sudden, all eyes were fixated on Mario now. No surprise given how he and the plumber have been enemies for years, it would only make sense that he would single Mario out.

"Mario?" Peach inquired "Why are you after him?"

"You see, princess," Bowser spoke as he began to pace himself back and forth. "This little hair-lipped, brick breaking, Goomba stomping, mushroom munching, pipe warping, hammer swinging, wall jumping, star chasing dwarf has been the meddlesome monkey wrench in my operation for FAR too long! As you know, a king such as myself doesn't take too kindly to being challenged by someone as inferior as Mario. So, it is only fitting that I, Bowser, King of the Koopas, bestow upon him one fitting punishment…" He stopped speaking as well as stopped walking.

Mario only folded his arms in patience, early waiting the "fitting punishment" that was be "bestowed up him". Luigi on the other hand was biting his gloved teeth, he always hated it when his brother got called out on Bowser's threats. Peach, Yoshi, and E. Gadd simply waited in silence for the overgrown tyrant's dramatic pause to come to an end. Bowser then turned to the crowd and opened his mouth resume his speech.

"To have him the living daylights pounded out of you in front of the beloved citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom!" He greatly shouted, clenching his right claws into a tightly balled fist and slamming it into his left hand.

The crowd, with the exception of Mario and company, erupted in a collection of gasps. Was Bowser actually decided to face Mario without the aid of his infamous Koopa army? This seemed too rare to be true. Mario just gave Bowser a hard glare, he could think a very few moments when Bowser has called him out to a one-on-one fight. The look on Mario's face showed a hint of anger, he never did like Bowser and Bowser liked him even less. However, Mario slowly exhaled and the anger in his face was showing to subside. The plumber only folded his arms and nodded his head sideways with a 'no'.

"What?!" Bowser growled at Mario's rejection. "You dare say no to me?! What's the matter, too much of a Cucco to fight? Bawk Bawk!" Bowser mocked Mario and began to flap his elbows in the manner of the chicken.

Mario started to become annoyed, but he knew that Bowser was only trying to goad him into fighting. The problem was that is slowly working… Not wanting to put with the turtle beast any longer than he wanted to, Mario just turned his back on Bowser and walked away, thus continuing to get under the king's scales. Princess Peach and Luigi breathed a collected sigh of relief and turned to face Bowser.

"You see Bowser?" Then woman in an informing tone of assurance. "Mario is well aware of your little game. He, as well was the lot of us, are tired of it. We don't want any more trouble around the Mushroom Kingdom! And right now we don't want you around here, so be off with you! You can have a piece of cake if you want, but that's it!"

After the scolding she displayed, the princess turned and followed Mario along with Toadsworth, and . Yoshi and Luigi stayed behind and smirked at Bowser. Luigi pulled his right bottom eyelid down and stuck out his tongue at him while Yoshi blew a raspberry. The two then had a short laugh at the Koopa's expense before turning around and following their friends. Bowser however was not at all pleased with the treatment he just received.

These little mud stains must have some spikey Thwops to disrespect me like that! If they honestly think that they can deny me the retribution I so rightfully deserve, they have another thing coming!

A menacing smile then spawned itself across Bowser' muzzle when he looked down and noticed a piece of cake that was left from the explosion earlier lying on the ground next to his feet.

"Okay Princess, you win. I can take a hint." Bowser falsely groaned in defeat as he placed his arms behind him. "I guess I'll just cake this piece of your delicious cake and go." He turned around and reach his right claw downward, scooping a large chuck of frosted cake into his place. "Of course…" He turned around and cocked back his right arm with the cake in hand. "I hope you don't mind if I SHARE it!"

The Koop King then lunged his arm forward and tossed the cake out of his hand. It soared straight through and was coursing towards Mario and the others. The pack turned around in response to Bowser's shouting and noticed the large cake chunk approaching. Though they all jumped in shock, it was Mario who received the frosted side of the cake, literally. The cake slammed Mario in the face, coating the entirety of his head in frosting. The force from the impact knocked the eldest brother to the ground flat on his back, apparently the force from Bowser's throw was enough to have the cake knock a person out cold.

The crowd gasped in shock and surprise as the hero of the Mushroom became victim to Bowser's food fight while Luigi tended his brother's side.

"Bwahahahaha! Bowser hysterically chuckled, clutching his sides. "Looks good on you, fathead!" He continued to laugh as he began to hold his stomach.

"Mario?" Luigi questioned in hopes that his brother was okay, only to be surprised by the sight of Mario clenching his hands into tight fists before rising from his back.

Steam began to rise from Mario's frosting covered head. Apparently it wasn't just for comical effect as the steam began to melt the frosting clean off, revealing Mario's face to be red with anger. He slowly rose to his feet and began walking to the still chortling Bowser. Peach eyes widened in note of what Mario was planning. She knew how literally hot headed he could be when publically humiliated and also knew that it could not possibly end on a positive note.

"Mario!" Peach gave voice as she grabbed Mario's left arm into her delicate hand. Mario stopped when felt her hand and turned back to face the princess. "Please don't, he's just baiting you like he always does!"

He looked into her eyes of sincerity, they pleaded with him not to fight. Mario's eyes soften themselves, but quickly gave her a serious look as if they were trying to tell gently her to let go. Mario gave a light shove at his left arm, causing it to slide out of Peach's hand, and proceeded to make his way to Bowser. Peach only placed her hand over her mouth in slight shock. She never knew he could be so forceful.

"Mario…" She said in a low tone.

"Let him go, princess." Toadsworth spoke as he walked by her side. "Mario's pride has just been challenged by his worst foe. And being the brashest of him and Luigi, do you really think he'll just stand by and let Bowser have his way?"

"I suppose not…" The princess sighed.

Bowser continued you to laugh unaware that Mario was already in front of him.

"Ahem!" Mario coughed to get his attention. Bowser immediately stopped laughing when he heard Mario's voice.

As soon as he noticed Bowser's eyes set on him, Mari placing himself in a fight stance, placing his right foot forward, bending his left leg at the knee, and his arms into a warrior stance. He was certainly ready to go against Bowser one-on-one.

"Oh, you finally decided to step up to the field, huh?" Bowser inquired in an eager tone. "Alright then!" He grinned. Bowser then bunched his claws into fists and drew his right elbow at his side and raised his right into the air. "It's SHOW TIME!" He roared, ready to fight.

On Mobius, things were become heated as well, which would be ironic, given to the cold environment of the Ice Cap Zone. Metal Sonic floated in front of his creator, Dr. Eggman, who was grinning with anticipation of seeing him bring down his archenemy. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails stood prepared ready for anything.

"I do believe it's time to get this little event underway!" The doctor announced. He pointed a finger at Sonic, giving his robotic copy the green light. "Metal, you know what to do!"

The robot's red eyes glowed and he flexed his sharp metallic fingers He began to inch towards his organic counterpart. He pointed a finger at gave him the classic cutting throat gestured with his thumb, running it against the bottom of his metallic head before jutting it downwards. Sonic only shot Metal Sonic with a cheeky smirk at the call out and it then quickly formed into a grin.

So that's he wants to play it.

"Alright, Metal!" Sonic said, holding up his fists.

Though unaware of one another's existence, both Mario and Sonic were more than willing to knock some heads around. And they were actually even looking to getting a little bit dirty, they could consider it the best part of their job. They stared at their respective foes, Mario's light blue eyes were filled with motivation, and Sonic's green eyes were lit with ambition. With the thought of battle in mind, the two heroes lunged at their opponents' fists ablaze.

"Let's go!" Sonic shouted as he jumped into the air towards Metal Sonic.

"Let's-a go!" Mario shouted, charging at Bowser.

It was most certainly on.

A/N: AAAAAAAAAND CUT! Holy mercifully crap, that was a trip! Talk about things never changing. I guess Mario and Sonic really have their work cut out for em' today.

I hope you all enjoy the first chapter. College has been putting the squeeze on me, but I managed to get this chapter out in the end. I really like to thank all of the early review, those who followed and favorite this story. People always give me a reason to right. Like I said, I have many surprises for this story that I'm just itching to get to, but I can't rush a story.

More is to come…

So brace yourself!
Credit to :iconpxlcobit: for the Donkey Kong sprites,  :icontheguy07: for the Mario and Sonic pose, and :icono-fiveasone-o: for the Geno sprites. Without the sprites, the cover would be a bust.

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